When I murmured on Twitter that "I want a Nyanko type earphone jack parts", I will commercialize it

Throwing an image that I took notes of ideas by saying "Please make someone" threw it on Twitter, and the thing has progressed so rapidly that the bomb spreads out so quickly that you can not understand what is going on because of that much cuteness It seems that we decided to commercialize it when we realized it.

The beginning of the first place is kore.

◆ April 20, 2012 - 0:48
Please make someone

In less than two hours, the situation suddenly turned to commercialization.

◆ 20th April 2012 - 2:09
I got an official RT of 880 fav and over 2500 before I got an hour and a half from the post, this Nyanko earphone jack. Immediately after the submission contact from a acquaintance's dealer came and it was decided to commercialize it Please wait for a continuation report!

After 16 hours more, it seemed like it was like it.

◆ 20th April 2012 - 18: 47
I tried making it because I am free because I am busy (* 'ω `*) Sorry for the 5 minutes quality!

◆ 20th April 2012 - 18: 47
By the way, also behind! Www

Perhaps it should ultimately exceed something like a prototype of this 5-minute quality, so I'm hoping for what kind of thing will really be completed.

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Communicate when you tweet on Twitter, "Nyanko type earphone jack cover" finally completed - GIGAZINE

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