"Curry flavor but not fragrant" cup noodle rice curry flavor "tasting review

Popular enough to be temporarily suspended in just 4 days from the release dateCup noodle riceIn the series, "Cup noodle flavor"Seafood noodle flavor"Yakisoba U.F.O. Sobetsu"There were three types, but from 6/4 (Monday) a new"Cup noodle curry taste"Has been added. It is strange that there was none of the classic curry taste so far, but it comes out with fullness.

"Rice dressing" fourth batch of cup noodles! Finally "cup noodle curry" has become rice!

Here is "Nissin Cup Noodle Rice Dish Curry" (250 yen tax). Up to now, "Cup noodle rice" series was a trend to expand nationwide from limited release, but this time suddenly developed nationwide. It seems that Nissin has also introduced it with confidence.

Like the "Cup noodle rice" series so far, you cook and cook the ingredients in a box and finish it by cooking the ingredients in a box.

Raw materials are here.

It is a nutritional ingredient. 398 kilocalories per meal (102 grams). 398 kilocalories per meal (102 grams). The original "cup noodle curry" is 402 kilocalories per 85 grams, the calorie content has decreased slightly with a slight increase in content.

In addition, it is said that the finished weight is two rice balls. It seems that one will get stiff with this one.

"Rice" "ingredients / seasoning ingredients" "finished flavor oil" are included in the cup.

Rice is called a puff rice, and it is characterized by a unique texture with texture.

The tool is here.

Curry special charcoal, potatoes, carrots and green onions are included. "Cup noodle curry" is used only for curry exclusively for curry which seasoned like simmered to curry flavored soup, but it seems to well reproduce.

Well, I will cook. First of all, put water to the line drawn in the cup.

Then, put "ingredients / seasoning ingredients" "rice".

And it is ready if it stirs firmly. At this point the flavor of the curry drifts a little. Expectation is large as the flavor should be strong if heated.

Heat for 5 minutes and a half at 500 W in the range. There is also a way to cook in a frying pan, but adopting a method that uses this microwave that can be cooked more easily.

Heating has ended. Being able to do it is quite hot, so be careful when taking it out.

When I open the lid, the smell of good curry ... does not do much.

Apparently it does not increase the flavor, but it seems to fly if it is heated in the range. Therefore, it seems that "finished flavor oil" is attached. I will put it on for a while.

And stir well and it will be completed. However, even if "finished flavor oil" is added, the scent of curry is not much. As we expected the intense flavor that the inside of the room was eroded by the smell of curry when opening the lid like "cup noodle curry", it is a bit disappointing.

So, real meals. Like the flavor, the taste is also diluted. It tasted so brisk that I thought that I had forgotten some seasonings, where the surface of "cup noodle curry" is feeling. It is the real pleasure of "cup noodle curry" to squeeze greasy noodles with a strong addictive flavor of curry, but this time it can not be expected. Both "cup noodle flavor" and "seafood noodle flavor" are contents that make me think "Oh, it is definitely the taste of cup noodles", but the reproduction of the taste is low this time. I can not feel flavor and richness, so I think that it is still better to eat curry and rice if this is the case.

Still, potatoes of the ingredients were contents in which the taste of curry and curry was condensed and the degree of reproduction was felt. Although it tastes as a standard, it may be that it is quite difficult to reproduce the flavor and taste that did not appear in the series "Cup noodle rice" for a long time.

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