I smoked, but I did not know where the bacon is "I smell flavored smoldering noodles", so I tried searching

Kanzen 's daigo is to enjoy a different flavor from the usual ingredients, and in Japan it is famous for bonito seaweed. Ace cook is releasing this "Aroma taste smoked salty noodle"(220 yen tax) has finished in a new sensation soup which melts the smell of bonito smell of bonito and bacon in salt ramen soup which the taste of chicken and seafood has worked firmly. I decided to eat it actually to see what the taste of the new sensation soup is, and what it feels like to "taste the scent".

(PDF)Cup noodle with popular "smoked" theme appeared Flavorful ramen flavored rice flavored with bacon and dried bonito fragrance for chicken and seafood taste

Because the fragrance is pretty, the package is drawn with mokku and steaming out.

And bonito clause and bacon are complementing the fragrance. Both of them smell nice smell, but how pleasant it will be when the two combine, it's pounding.

Raw materials are here. The base of the soup is that it is the saltiness of chicken and seafood, and it contains chicken extract and seafood extract.

354 kilocalories per meal (98 grams).

There are three kinds of pouches, "Kayaku", "powder soup", "liquid soup".

This time, bacon is included not only in the soup but also in the ingredients, and it is possible to taste even more fragrance by complementing the smell of smell. Bacon is not only smell of smell but also food which can feel umami of condensed meat, which seems to have expectation for scent and taste.

Add powder soup and wait 4 minutes.

And adding liquid soup ... ...


You can check ingredients such as meat rags, chingen vegetables, goat and chili pepper. Also, although it certainly smells good for salt ramen, at this point I can not feel the smell of smell as much as I thought. Where is the fragrant smell of smell ......

The answer turned out to eat noodles indeed. The smell of smell which melted in the soup is firmly attached to the noodle, and when you sip the noodles, you smell from the mouth to the nostrils and the smell of kumaku spreads. In a certain street called "taste the scent", the smell of smell is that it can be tasted for the first time by putting it in the mouth together with noodles. The soup has better flavor of meat than seafood, and overall it is finished in a very smooth taste.

By the way, bacon is supposed to be included in ingredients, but only meat is fresh. "It's strange, I should not forget the mistake, but I am worried about it and I looked into the soup in various ways ... ....

I found! It is too small and it is probably impossible for an ordinary person to find it.

Bacon is difficult to find easily because it is scratched with broken pieces of meat juice and scallions on the bottom of the container, but "Find the Wally!"The joy of discovery is also a salt.

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