Nissin Foods ``Cup noodle green onion salt'' tasting review where the charcoal-grilled aroma and umami of the new ingredient ``broiled white mystery meat'' stands out with salt

`` Cup Noodle Negi Shio '' has been added to Nissin Foods' `` Cup Noodle '' series since February 27, 2023 (Monday). The classic '

Cup Noodle Shio ' has been reborn from Western style to Japanese style. It is said that it is finished with charcoal-grilled chicken oil (Chiyu) and adds a fragrant flavor like charcoal-grilled. I actually bought and ate it in order to enjoy a cup that was launched as Nissin Foods 'New Standard of Salt'.

'Cup noodle green onion salt' (released on February 27) | Nissin Food Group

Cup noodle green onion salt | Nissin Food Group

This is 'cup noodle green onion salt'.

The lid has a small bag of 'charcoal-grilled chicken oil' attached.

Looking at the raw material column, it was stated that ``chicken fat'', ``pork fat'', ``onion powder'', ``negi seasoning oil'', etc. were used in the soup. In addition, 'seasoned chicken mince' is also used as a quick.

The calorie is 360kcal per 76g per meal.

It looks like this when you open the lid.

Immediately pour hot water and set the timer for 3 minutes.

When the timer rings, add the attached “charcoal-grilled chicken oil” and stir to complete.

The soup is a chicken-based chicken salt soup, and you can feel that the light salty taste enhances the taste of the chicken.

The charred new ingredient 'Roasted White Mystery Meat' had a yakitori-like flavor that felt fragrant at the moment of eating.

Overall, the soup and meat are full of chicken, but the point is that the fragrance of the green onions and the sweetness of the vegetables give it a solid depth. In addition, the fragrance that reproduced the charcoal fire was accented, and it was a dish that had both a sense of stability and a novel taste that was exactly the 'new standard of salt'.

'Cup noodle green onion salt' will be sold at retail stores nationwide from February 27, 2023 (Monday), and the suggested retail price is 214 yen excluding tax. It is also handled by, and the price at the time of article creation was 3698 yen including tax for 20 pieces and 185 yen including tax per piece.

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