I tried 'Nissin Donbei Special Yuzu Pepper Salt-Grilled Udon' with a refreshing yuzu scent and spicy green chili peppers.

'Nissin Donbei Yaki Udon' series, which allows you to enjoy udon noodles without soup, will be released on Monday, April 8, 2024 as ' Nissin Donbei Tokumori Yuzu Kosho Umai Shioyaki Udon', which is eaten with salt sauce and special yuzu pepper paste. The scent of yuzu gives it a refreshing taste that is perfect for spring, so I was curious about what kind of cup udon it was, so I tried it.

'Nissin Donbei Extra Large Yuzu Pepper Salt-Grilled Udon' (released April 8th) | Nissin Foods Group


Nissin Donbei Extra Large Salt-grilled Udon with Yuzu Pepper | Nissin Foods Group

The packaging for 'Nissin Donbei Extra Large - Salt-Grilled Udon Noodles with Yuzu Pepper' features tasty illustrations of yuzu and green chili peppers.

Looking at the names of ingredients, the soup contains chicken extract, soy sauce, lard, flavor oil, and bonito powder, while the toppings are cabbage and processed soy protein. The paste (special yuzu pepper paste) contains green chili paste, yuzu peel, and fermented seasonings.

Calories per serving: 628kcal.

When I opened the lid, there was a packet of liquid soup and a special yuzu pepper paste inside. The toppings were already included with the noodles.

Pour boiling water up to the inside line and let the liquid soup warm on the lid for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, discard the hot water from the drain.

Remove the lid and pour in the liquid sauce and mix well.

Finally, add the special yuzu pepper paste and mix to finish.

As soon as I tried the noodles, the refreshing aroma of yuzu spread across my tongue, and I could feel the sharp spiciness of the green chili peppers. The soup base was a combination of chicken and bonito stock, so it had a light flavor, but the yuzu pepper paste gave it a punchy taste.

'Nissin Donbei Tokumori Yuzu Kosho Udon' will be available at retail stores nationwide from Monday, April 8, 2024, with a suggested retail price of 285 yen per piece (excluding tax). At the time of writing, it was also available on Amazon.co.jp, and the price was 3,380 yen including tax for a set of 12 (282 yen including tax per piece).

Amazon.co.jp: Nissin Foods Nissin Donbei Extra Large Yuzu Pepper Salt-Grilled Udon [With Spicy and Refreshing Yuzu Pepper Paste] Cup Noodles 140g x 12 Pieces: Food, Beverages, and Alcohol

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