Sportswear "Move" that leads to the correct form in cooperation with smartphones

Yoga is effective in preventing arrhythmia and strokeA reasonable exercise is essential for keeping health, such as the result of investigation that it is, but if you do not keep the correct way you may end up hurting your body. In such a case, in cooperation with smartphones, clothing that tells me whether my form is correct or not is "Move"is.

Move: Precision in Movement

Whether it is yoga or dance, the beginning does not go well well, often it is impossible to force and to injure the body contrarily often.

Move is a clothes that cooperates with a mobile device such as a smartphone that supports the correct posing in such a case.

You wear Move and bend your body like this,

When you jump or bounce ...

You can see how your form is going through iPhone, iPad, and other applications, and set goals to ascertain the degree of achievement.

Move has sensors on the front, back, and sides of the body to sense the bending and stretching of the body and the movement of the muscles,

A feedback device is attached to the shoulder and the buttocks. This allows you to work with applications on mobile devices.

If you use an iPhone or other app, you can take a backup, see the change of your pose, share advice with other people and get advice.

The movie that the elder sister who wears Move moves exclusively moves from the following.

Move on Vimeo

Because Move is made of elastic material with soft elasticity, I will not say it even if I pull body like this.

It is also excellent in breathability, it is a spec that it is hard to stuff even if you sweat.

Sensor is small, hidden in Move, so it is normal sportswear to see at a glance.

It can move like a flow.

A sail.

I will dance with my hair being disturbed.

Jojo standing.


Even with intense movements, the sensor properly senses the form.

Because you can check the form one by one at any time anywhere, Move will support your progress in various sports such as pilates, golf, ballet and hip hop dancing, besides yoga.

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