"The Internet Defense League" tells us when a crisis involving the whole net is encountered

An organization "The Internet Defense League (Internet Defense League)" to protect free nets will be formed next month. Under the philosophy of "Do not let the Internet go away", it seems that if a crisis comes close to the net, a warning will be sent to participating sites.

The Internet Defense League - Protecting the Free Internet since 2012.

Internet Defense League Fights For Freedom Across the Web [VIDEO]

In January 2012, Internet related companies and organizations acted against the deliberations on copyright protection bill "Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)" in the US "SOPA strike"Was carried out. Wikipedia stopped 24 hours service and the site against the bill protested, resulting in the postponement of legislative deliberations.

However, although we have won here, we do not know when the tightening to the net will take place again the same way, so SOPA andPIPA (intellectual property protection bill)The Internet defense alliance was formed in order to eliminate the Internet and to fight to make the Internet permanent.

What is the name of the allianceWordPress,Reddit,Cheezburger,OpenCongress,Electronic Frontier Foundation,Public Knowledge,Do not Censor the Net.

In the alliance, when a crisis like shaking the whole net happens, send an alert code to participating sites. As reddit fought against SOPA, it seems that tools will be provided that the site will be blacked out and redirected to the SOPA strike site. We also want people who collaborate on development, such as analysis of how much such tools and exercises have spread, and systems for knowing threats and opportunities,GitHub,Google Groups,Pivotal TrackerWe are calling for participation in the Internet Defense League group at

Participation in the alliance is OK only by registering the URL and mail address of the website, and the site says that it can be your channel on Twitter or YouTube. Also, we are seeking donations to people who want to support the movement without participating in the alliance itself.

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