Research results revealing that understanding depression by using the Internet


To research on the Internet and depression, "There are signs of depression in people who use the Internet for a long timeEasy to seeAlthough there was a thing such as thing such as things such as those of Missouri University studies, it became newly understood that people with a trend of depression newly use the Internet differently from healthy people.

Internet Usage Pattern Can Indicate Depression | LiveScience

This was announced by Sriram Chellappan, associate professor at the University of Missouri. Chellappan discovered that the use of the internet of students who tend to depression has the following features.

"Use more file sharing services than necessary"


"To go back and forth between multiple applications and use more random Internet usage"

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"E-mail and chat frequently"


"More than necessary use of many applications related to online games and videos"

Researchers gathered data on the Internet for one month from 216 college students anonymously and at the same time tested whether the students tend to depression. Then, as a result of analyzing the data obtained from students who are subjects, students with signs of depression discovered that they used different ways to use the Internet than other students. These students tend to use the Internet more randomly, like playing games if you think you were writing e-mails or joining chat if you think so. Chellappan thinks that this tendency comes from the lack of concentration ability which is one of features of depression.

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Chellappan who is doing research on computer science seems to want to make use of this discovery for software development. If software to detect signs of depression from the way the Internet is developed makes it easier to install at home, even if the person does not realize it, the computer will tell you the possibility of depression That's it.

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