Malware targeting Mac users is on the dark web

ByJustin Lane

About 23 million malicious programs targeted to Windows users exist, while malicious programs targeted to Mac users were announced in April 2017 as about 450,000(PDF file)McAfee's reportAs reported in Mac, Mac users tend to think that "their computers are safe". However, this is due to the small market share of Mac, and as the share of the Mac gets bigger, it has become clear that the Ransomware is also increasing.

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In June 2017, security companies Fortinet and AlienVault reported two new malicious programs targeting Mac users. One is randomness wear that encrypts user's data and requests money, and the other is spyware that collects user information. According to researchers, the two malware are Tor 's "dark web" where illegal content is exchanged, and that anyone can use it for free.

Two malware targets for Mac are explained on the website as "It was made by experienced professional software engineers", and the person who wants to use details the details on how to use it and contacts It was written that it should take. At this time, it seems that the user of Ransomware got money from the victim, and it was assumed that it was supposed to split its share with the creator of Ransomware.

So Fortinet researchers pretending to be interested in Ransomware, contact the authors and actually asked them to send samples of malware. As a result of analyzing the sample, encryption was more childlike than malware targeting Windows, but as the release key to decipher the data was bad, it was said that some files were completely lost about. "Even though it's not as bad as the Windows-targeted Ransomware, they encrypt the victim's files and make them inaccessible to critical files," says the researchers.

ByLuke Chesser

Also, on the same website as this Ransomware, spyware that handled the key pressed by the keyboard, taken a screenshot, and used a microphone was also handled. According to AlienVault researcher Peter Ewane, malicious code contained in spyware showed a move to avoid being found and stopped in the security program. Mr. Ewane says, "As the market share of OS X gets bigger, malware authors are expected to spend considerable time creating malware targeting this platform," as alert to Mac users It is urging us.

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