Escape food that had been manufacturing and selling "Gurtles meat" went bankrupt

The Guruzu meat that reproduced the meat with the anime's boneHyogo prefecture food company · SAKE food known for manufacturing and selling was applied for civil rehabilitation law application.

Shrimp fried shrimp tempura frozen food ─ SAKE FOOD CO., LTD.

Kobe Western cuisine club We will deliver Western food prepared dishes such as fried shrimp and shrimp cutlets using premium quality ribbons carefully selected from Kobe.

Manufacture and sale of shrimp and tempura etc SK Food Co., Ltd. Application for application of civil rehabilitation law Liability 5.1 billion yen

According to Teikoku Databank, Eske food was founded in 1973. It is a company that manufactures and sells frozen foods such as fried shrimp and tempura. It cultivates shrimp in a group company located in Indonesia, sells shrimp at its own and outsourcing factory, sells mainly for business use through trading companies. In the peak period of December 1998, it recorded annual sales of about 6,472 million yen. In recent years, despite the decline in unit prices due to the effect of unit price restraint, annual sales in the fiscal year ended December 2010 was about 5,533 million yen, and in the fiscal year ended December 2011 was about 5,856 million yen, which remained steady .

However, during the declines in the dollar over the past few years, there was a loss on derivative trading, the price of shrimp increased due to shrimp price soaring, the cash flow worsened, and civil rehabilitation law application was applied. The debt is about 5.1 billion yen.

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