Apple and Samsung CEOs will hold talks for smartphone patent settlement


Apple sued Samsung's GALAXY series as a blatant copy of iPhone and iPadIt was almost a year ago that I did it.Samsung also complained that "Apple infringes a patent"Although both companies have been engaged in patent war of the muddy, it seems that it was decided that a meeting for the settlement will be done at last.

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Apple and Samsung, which are fighting the court battle, have got a talks in the Northern California District Court for two days from May 21, with arbitration by a judge in charge of the case. Apple's Tim Cook CEO, Samsung's Choi Ji-cheng CEO, and the two companies' key stakeholders and legal representatives are supposed to attend this meeting.

AppleFounder and former CEO Steve Jobs died in October 2011. According to Richard Luton, Apple's patent attorney, Mr. Jobs also had contact with Samsung in July 2010 to solve the problem, but the warfare is high and the settlement does not go well did.

Tim Cook, CEO of Mr. Jobs, has a mild character compared to Jobs,"I hated lawsuits for a long time and I hate it from now on." "We just want people (other companies) to invent themselves." "Settle down if conditions are met, I strongly desire it. "We are hoping to head for settlements, including saying.

If the negotiation did not go well, the lawsuit will be resumed from July.

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