I tried to eat "apple bacon" of apples made by apple juice and smoked with apple tree

Speaking of bacon, things that are thinly sliced ​​and sold are common, but selling it with block meat, adding apples' fruit juice and even making apples with tree of apples is a rare apples I found "apple bacon" (1000 yen including tax). I tried to eat it actually because I was concerned as to what would be better compared to bacon selling at an ordinary supermarket if I was using an apple.

This is "bacon of apples". Looking like a background pattern looks apple.

It is about the size of a palm. This is 437 grams.

Looking from the side it looks like this.

Raw materials etc are here. I can see the character "apple juice", but I care what the influence on the taste is.

I tried out from the package.

This flesh sensation raptured.

When turned inside out, there is also the size of the meat, which is overwhelmed by this freshness.

I just slice it because I can not begin to be fascinated by the texture of the meat. So I decided to cut it thick and bake it like a steak.

In the story of U.S., "It is best to eat baked because the meat flavor comes out," he said. A fat thick jellyfish overflowing over the surface was thick.


For thick parts, there is dressing, and you can taste the feeling full of the meat juice when it is crispy. I thought that "If you are big this way, you will be worried about the smell of the meat?", But I do not mind at all. The taste of meat is quite mild. There is sweetness and sour taste which feel slightly though it does not do apple flavor very much. And even if the meat is very soft and cut thick, it can be eaten without getting tired up to the last with a rusty flavor that will not lean so much that you can get to Gabri with excitement.

I burned it crisply this time. Softness disappears, but the fragrance is above. Because it is refreshing without greasiness, people who say "the taste is a little tasty in bacon which I always eat" might fit when you try. It is perfect for a refreshing breakfast menu.

It is a challenge as we can go live as well.

There is no smell of meat probably easy to eat, but it is considerably diluted as a taste. After all it is the best way to eat the flavor of the meat firmly by applying heat.

So, in conclusion, this "apple" is added, and it supports meat firmly as a rich subordinate existence that makes meat odor by mild acidity. If you are expecting full-fledged bacon with rich flavor, you can not beat it, but if you want to taste the bacon that was bothersome on the contrary, it is best.

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