Free software "RecycleBinEx" that automatically deletes files that have passed for a certain period after entering the "Recycle Bin" of the desktop

Before we knew it, the contents of the recycle bin on the desktop became more and it might be troublesome to put pressure on the disk capacity, but "RecycleBinExIf you use, you automatically delete the things in the trash can, so you do not need to regularly organize the trash can. Also, when you search the contents of the trash can, the Recycle Bin becomes convenient, such as displaying the search results in the order of deletion to the Recycle Bin. For installation and operation method, refer to the following.

RecycleBinEx - Enhanced Windows Recycle Bin Manager

◆ Installation

Click "Download Now" on the above site.

Launch "download recyclebinex.exe".

Click "Next".

Click "I accept the agreement".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Install".

Click "Finish".

After the installation is completed, the operation screen of "RecycleBinEx" will be displayed and you can check the contents of the trash can.

◆ Setting method to permanently delete the garbage that passed for a certain period of time after putting it in the recycle bin

In this case, I will try setting to delete things that have passed 30 days since putting in the trash can. First, click "Options".

Check "Auto clean up the items deleted", click "triangle button set up and down" here, set it to 30, then click "OK". The setting is completed by this alone, and those that have passed 30 days after it is put in the recycle bin are deleted.

◆ Selected every elapsed days

If you want to select all that is in the trash bin for 2 months ago, click "triangle to the right of Select All" and click "Before 2 months".

Everything in the trash can be selected 2 months ago. To delete, click "Delete" to complete.

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