Advertisement trying to turn you around with all kinds of means overflowing the world

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Flyers that are caught in newspapers, CMs coming from TV, if you connect to the internet, are not you always with ads with Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliates? There are no days when advertisements are not touched overseas. Put the big sign up, devise the design of the product, put a cute mascot, and draw attention with all means. Many advertisements competed to sell more than one thing at a time. I will introduce the advertisement of such a world. The world was full of advertisements.

There are advertisements even in China which was once a socialist state, now to the walls of rural areas in rural areas.

Even Africa is full of advertisements. The first thing to note is the advertisement of a mobile company. In this way one side of the building is painted.

We can not escape advertisements and live anymore.

The famous Neon Street in Hong Kong.

Korean building filled with Hangul letter advertisement.

Macedonia advertisement that Russian letters stand out.

From large global companies such as Coca-Cola and Nestle, to small companies that only locally deployed, we have a big signboard in a prominent place in the city to see you.

The older brother with Uygur 's Nan is super brunette.

Wall advertisement of Chupa Chaps that I saw in Serbia.

What does this "Mao's 1 dollar bill" mean? Although it remains in the impression.

It was a motif of Zidane's head butt that was the 2008 World CupBook MakerParody advertisement.

The advertisement of the Czech domestic car "SKODA" is the building of the capital Prague where the atmosphere of the medieval period drifts.

A huge advertisement of "iPad" that I saw in Berlin, the capital of Germany. It was around 2 years since it was released.

Here too Berlin, "pepsi" ads are also huge size. Compared to the car being parked, you will know its size.

It is a Nescafe even in Africa. It is a black woman.

Advertisement of "Maggie" which is a seasoning brand of Nestle.

It is appealing using "Sephap rice cooked rice" Chepap "as opposed to" Seasoning please use this place ".

Women in Africa are fashionable too. There was a cosmetic advertisement.

There are no places to see Samsung's advertisement. Advertisement of GALAXY series.

Is PUMA's advertisement in the world's fastest man "Usain Bolt"?

Johnnie Walker 's advertisement is astringent with only whiskey.

The advertisement of Coca-Cola that I see in many countries stands out for the goodness of sense.

Not just advertising. As attracting attention to product design, there were various ingenuity so that you like it. You are making brands loved in this way.

Australian milk. Australia is hiding from the cows.

Tuk Tuk and elephants were designed in Thailand's Coca-Cola.

A pretty girl found in Central Asia is a design chocolate.

8P cheese that I saw in Spain, this is too cute. Moe.

"MAMA AFRICA" drawn on a match that is a necessity of Africa. Mommy is cool !!

Kenya notebook where big 5 (rhino, elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo) is depicted. This big 5, it seems that Best 5 which is tougher for hunters comes from. As I told you, these five are certainly strong ...

Uganda Telecom of Uganda's telephone company, the shape of your mouth is really "U".

Naming sense that you can remember immediately is important for selling things. "Bulgaria yogurt" in Japan "Tyrol chocolate"Black Mont Blanc"HusbandDo not you think that the product name such as "I made it well?" I was excited mentally to naming I could do well overseas.

China's automaker is "Great Wall", the naming that took the Great Wall has a great impact.

In Zambia there is a company called "Zambeef" that literally looks at raw meat. The yoghurt and milk drink out there is "Zammilk". Usually the beef cow became a dairy cow and laughed.

"Mall DOVA", Moldova, Moldova's shopping malls may be puns, is not it?

"HUNGRY LION" Fast Food Chain to be seen in Southern Africa. It seems to be eaten to go eat.

It is one way of advertising to draw attention with mascots and objects. A lot of loose characters, including "Hiko-ny", are also active in Japan. Is not it one of the advertisements of Gachapin's numerous challenges in Fuji TV?

The balloon of an attraction where you can see the sky over Singapore contained the word "DHL".

An object that hands are growing from hand. It was 2nd hand and was in front of "second hand shop". If it says in Japan, it is a recycle shop. Dragon Quest's Mad Hand may be born like this.

You can also crab on the side of the Korean side across the sea so that the crabs can be taken in Sanin on the Japan Sea side and Hokuriku. An object of a crab nail found there.

Here is also sales promotion goods for noodles in Korea. Noodles scooped up with chopsticks make me strange way of moving. The boy in the lower left is also surprised.

Meanwhile, in Turkey the cook was working to scrape kebabs. This is also excellent.

McDonald's Donald is surfing in Bali in Indonesia.

Michelin's mascot is playing wai (palmar)Bivendam. It is Thailand. Popular people are also busy.

Norway's ice cream mascot is wearing. Selling ice cream in cold places seems to be tough.

Campaign girl of Turkish beer 'EFES'. Even beer is amazing in Islamic countries, but swimming suit. bikini.

I found a cute bear in Greece.

I blow a soap bubble. lovely.

I also saw this bear in France. Perhaps it was taken to the collateral of the Greek crisis. Expensive bubbles disappeared and I was just turning the windmill.

Besides, I've made a place to put money and put a paper on it. It was a pretty surreal sight just to know the same bear in Greece. It is depressed.

Not only overseas but also in Japan are just advertisements. There was a picture of Osaka.

A lot of advertisements line up in Dotonbori.

"Buriken's Fugu" is "Biriken-san" and the new world is also a fun place.

Then,Chariderman also carries advertisements and runs. Please let me recruit advertisers.

① Regular advertisement. I will travel with my advertisement hanging on my bicycle. We will send you the scenery from the destination and photos of the advertisement. If you send the data to the advertisement, you can prepare the color printed in A4 size and laminated.

Here is the advertisement activity by former client Zakkapot.

Advertising activities with ZAKKAPOT - cycling around the world

② Advertisement for comparison. Instead of this writer compare the size with a business card size advertisement. I print this on the site and laminate it.

③ Naming of your car. Please give your desired name to ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○. My bicycle has no name. I have been thinking about the naming of my car for a long time, but a good idea does not come up, so I decided to sell it as a more naming authority. For now, I will change the expression "car", "bicycle" to "○ ○ ○".

④ Banner advertisement.http://shuutak.comI put on a banner advertisement on.

These four plans are planned. A collective agreement is the primary hope.

The period is one year. ※ I will temporarily return home this year. I'd like to have a contract period for the period of traveling abroad.
Price is 150,000 yen

However, I will sell advertisement plan, period, price as well. If you are interested

[email protected]

Please email me. Let's talk first. There are stories that can not be made public. From the end of May to the beginning of July I will temporarily return to Japan and I am planning to be in Japan so I can speak directly if convenient.

Within the last contract period, I got TV coverage by Andorra and got to work of Gigajin. I do not know what happens is the charm of a bicycle trip. Is not it more fun than advertising on TV, newspapers, or magazines? It is not interesting but it does not become business, but it will move to respond to expectations. I hope I can send the news while I am temporarily returning home. The goal is to publish once you have finished your trip.

By the way, it is a website of Chariderman自転車世界一周取材中( result of the access analysis of

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It has become.

Well, then, I'm looking forward to working with you.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
Cycling around the world for a bicycle

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