Compact digital camera finally reaches 20 million pixels, Sharp develops & releases

According to Sharp, we succeeded in developing the industry's highest 20 million pixel CCD at the optical size of 1 / 2.3 type for compact digital camera, sample shipment from April 26, 2012, and mass production from August 2012, The sample price will be 2300 yen including tax.

Finally, the compact digital camera will enter the 20 million pixel mark.

Developed and released the industry's highest 1 / 2.3 type 20 million pixel CCD | News Release: Sharp

This optical size 1 / 2.3-inch CCD is developed by a pixel cell of 1.20 μm square which is reduced in size by approximately 20% compared to the conventional Sharp, and by using its own focusing technology, We aim to increase the sensitivity to 105 mV, which is equivalent to the conventional one, and furthermore it supports high-vision output ((720 p / 30 fps)).

To the extent studied at the present moment, the number of pixels in the compact digital camera of each representative camera maker is as follows.

◆ Nikon: Up to 16.1 million pixels

◆ Sony: Up to 18.2 million pixels

◆ Canon: Up to 16.1 million pixels

◆ Casio: Up to 16.1 million pixels

◆ FUJIFILM: Up to 16 million pixels

◆ Olympus: Up to 16 million pixels

◆ PENTAX: Up to 16 million pixels

To the extent of reference, Apple's iPhone 4S is currently "8 million pixelsIn fact, for smartphones of each company that have a call function in a compact digital camera, except for some exceptions, up to the 16 million pixel class has arrived, so how to handle it cleanly Will it become the point of differentiation that the part saying that it will do?

Probably the best number of pixels in smartphone cameras is "Nokia 808 PureView" boasting about 41 million pixels (ToshibaAnd collaborated with several years in development) and has been around several days agoReservation startThe price is 599 euros (about 63,000 yen).

Nokia 808 PureView

However, as Nokia is withdrawing from Japan, there are no plans for release in the country, it is regrettable.

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