"Hexagonal tornado chopsticks" review grasping noodles etc with a spiral groove

"Akebono hexagonal tornado chopsticks(380 yen including tax) "is a product that makes it possible to hold tightly the slippery noodles etc with people with weak grip strength or elderly people by attaching a special groove to the tip. Even people who grab noodles without problem even with general chopsticks may be experiencing such a story as "stain on clothes with juice splattering when curry udon slipped with Tsurun!", So that such an accident In order to prevent this chopsticks we decided to test whether or not the chopsticks will be useful, actually using that "slipperiness" condition.

The appearance looks like this. It is about 22.5 cm in length, slightly longer than general disposable chopsticks.

Excellent heat resistanceSPS resin (syndiotactic polystyrene)It can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius and low temperature to minus 20 degrees. The selling agency is a comprehensive manufacturer of plasticsAkebono Industryis.

It is a simple black design, so it can be used in a wide variety of situations.

Three thin grooves are attached to the tip in a spiral shape, so it can be held firmly in the ingredients that the surface is slippery.

Since the handle is hexagonal, it is easy to grasp familiarly in the hand and it is convenient because it is hard to roll even when it is placed on the table.

Weight is about 18 grams.

Try lifting udon with "Hexagon Tornado Chopsticks" and this is like this. Compared with general plastic chopsticks, you can keep grasping noodles firmly even with pinching with about half force.

Noodles will not fall even if the chopsticks are tilted until they are perpendicular to the table as shown below.

However, with ordinary plastic chopsticks, the noodles fall asleep when the chopsticks are tilted at about 45 degrees with the table.

Since oil is on the surface, you can firmly hold the fried tofu which is very slippery when you grab it with plastic chopsticks. In addition, when chopsticks are put in the mouth, I feel a little roughness of the groove, but if you get used to it, there is no problem level.

There is no chance of falling even if chopsticks are placed perpendicular to the table. Furthermore, even in this state, it is not that it is pinching the full force, it is the condition of the power when using chopsticks to the last.

Olive after chasingIt is also firmly grasping the spaghetti that is nullified with oil.

People who eat noodles often at home as well as eating places specializing in noodles and the like may want to consider purchasing in order to eat more comfortable.

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