Free app '100 Bomberman' where 100 Bombermans get mixed up

As the name suggests, '100 People War Bomberman ' released today for iOS / Android has a mess of battles with up to 100 bodies on one screen, and it seems that it can be deployed quite tremendously.

100 War Bomberman | Mobile / Smartphone | Hudson Soft Co., Ltd.

There is a movie on YouTube about what kind of play it will actually be, and you can see a battle with 100 people from around 1 minute 10 seconds.

100 War Bomberman-YouTube

Another movie looks like this.

100 War --YouTube

'100 War' mode is a mode in which you can battle with up to 100 'Bomberman 1 + 4 allies' VS '95 enemies (NPCs)' operated by the player. Basically, the battle progresses with various stars spreading in the 'Bomber Galaxy', you can 'conquer!' Each stage, and you can level up by accumulating experience points in the '6 person battle'. You can take advantage of the battle by customizing each parameter of 'Fire', 'Bomb', 'Speed', and 'Effect time' according to your preference. In addition, you can invite other players to 'friends' and make the defeated opponent 'subordinate' to be an ally, and by registering regularly, you will be able to throw items from outside the field and support them. is. In addition, you can get costumes by getting 'Costume Panels' from the treasure chest and collecting all 6 panels of the same type.

In addition, not 100 people can fight online at the same time, all except one operated by the player are computer-controlled operations, and the basic play is a free item charge method.

Perhaps, in the meantime, there may be a Bomberman who can really play '100 simultaneous online battles' ...

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