When listening to everything from the launch of the space shuttle to the supplementary rocket landing, it becomes like this

Space shuttleSolid fuel auxiliary rocketIt is a movie that can be seen from the moment of launch through detachment in the sky until landing. All the sounds use the sounds actually captured by the camera, and they do not seem to replace them.

Riding the Booster with enhanced sound - YouTube

The title is "RIDING THE BOOSTER UP AND DOWN IN 400 SECOND", but in reality there are over 500 seconds.

First off from launch

The rocket injection starts and the roaring sound is transmitted

And surfaced

While looking at the launch white smoke backwards, the shuttle goes on and on and on. The number in the upper right of the screen is the speed of the shuttle and is an approximate value determined from the flight record.

Very high speed of 700 mph (about 1127 km)

When the shape of the Earth comes to where it looks vaguely, the speed has reached 2000 miles per hour (about 3219 km). However, there are nothing to compare with others, and speed is hardly felt.

And when reaching the stratosphere of about 45 km above the sky ... ...

The auxiliary rocket will be cut off after completing its role

The light going away is the Orbiter (the spacecraft's spacecraft section). From now on I will continue my journey to space.

Here is another angle image

I can see another rocket separated together

Looking further from another angle ......

You can see the appearance of the Orbiter moving away from the rocket

The rocket will slowly fall from the stratosphere. Even if you say it slowly, the speed is about 2800 miles per hour (about 4500 km).

The image has almost no sound for a while, and since the image rotates roundly, it seems to get drunk.

Soon the clouds came into sight.

It seems that quite high altitude is falling.

Another rocket is still falling by side

The altitude fell considerably, the speed also fell down to 300 miles per hour (about 482 km) ......

A parachute has opened

Parts are scattered something fiercely. This is when the nozzle is dropped first because there is a heavy shock when the rocket lands as it is.

The camera has turned downward. The separated nozzle part is landing ahead of time.

And the rocket body is landing

After this, the auxiliary rocket is collected and reused.

By the way, this picture is a mission of the space shuttleSTS-117WhenSTS-127It is made by combining things at times.

The movie of STS-125 is posted in the following article. This is not a live sound, but BGM and narration are added.

A spectacle movie until the solid rocket booster used for shuttle launches falls - GIGAZINE

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