For 100 yen, I went to an izakaya bar where you can eat fried chicken

The “Aritori-ten Tavern” sold about 7 tons of chicken fried about the same weight as an African elephant in one year. This shop is 100 yen from 17:00 to 23:00 on weekdays, and you can eat all-you-can-drink of birds, and it seems that 20,000 pieces are eaten a month. That's why I decided to actually go to the store and eat it to see if I could eat really delicious fried chicken or just a lot of it.

The store's address is 3-5-1 Daikoku Building B1, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

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The nearest station is Kanda Station on the Yamanote Line. There is a shop about 3 minutes on foot from the west exit.

I will go through the city where the night sky has come.

The appearance of “Aritori Tenba” looks like this.

In front of the store, there is a signboard saying “All-you-can-eat Karaage 100 yen”.

The inside of the shop on the first basement is like this. I entered the store around 19 o'clock, so I'm very pleased with the salaried workers who seemed to be returning from work.

The counter seat is like this.

When ordering an all-you-can-eat fried chicken for 100 yen, you must order one dish other than fried chicken and a glass of sake. There seems to be a penalty if you leave it too much.

The menu focuses on chicken. Yakitori, fried food, sashimi, etc. are available.

If you order fried chicken, the following bills will be placed on the desk. After that, you can order a different dish every time you eat.

The first order is like this. We ordered drinks and meals properly, suppressing the desire to attack only with fried chicken.

The first dish fried is like this.

Compared to 'iPhone 4S (on the photo)', it is about this size. It's just about the same size as what is in a lunch box, etc.

Freshly fried and the surface is crunchy.

Contents is like this. It is quite juicy with thighs with fat. Since it is made as a snack, it is seasoned with soy sauce to a rather dark level.

It is a good feeling when you pack the fried chicken while watching “Torihi Aritoten (450 yen including tax)” with more whiskey than usual.

“Dashimaki Tamago (380 yen including tax)” has a moderate volume, but the taste and aroma of the soup stock is not so strong and a little subtle.

'Toriwasa (380 yen including tax)' uses soft meat that sticks to the tongue, and the chopsticks are combined with the refreshing stimulation of wasabi.

I changed the second dish of fried chicken. Normally, it seems that two will be added per person, but when I asked 'I want to eat a lot', I was able to get four.

It ’s also very hot this time.

If you want a change in taste, there is a cinnamon pepper on the table.

The plate is filled with mayonnaise every time, so if you put it on, it will make you feel like a chicken chicken.

If you make mustard mayonnaise, it will be a different seasoning, but the taste of chicken itself will be erased, so it will be subtle.

I ordered the third dish in a row. I don't know if the order was overwhelmed by the clerk's mood or just a coincidence, but this time there were only two.

I can't even eat fried chicken so much, so I ordered 'Sasami Menta Ae (380 yen including tax)'.

This is a taste of sake that matches the half-lived fillet with the spicy spiciness of menta.

I decided to try 'Torihi tired acid (380 yen excluding tax)', which is a cup that works well with citric acid.

It looks like a normal highball, but when you drink it, it is a little bit sour. However, normal highballs are also squeezed with lemon, so there is not much difference.

After digesting some other menu to some extent, I ordered the fourth dish.

There are only an average of 1000 items sold per day, and the quality is constant. It seems that the size and taste will not be greatly shaken at the requested timing.

Since the inside of the mouth became greasy after eating too much fried chicken, we added “freshly celery pickled (380 yen including tax)”. Thanks to the chilly crispy celery, there is a feeling that the greasy in the mouth has been reset a little, but since the taste is deep, if you eat a lot like a salad, you will need water for the sug .

That ’s why I got water. The ice is plenty and chilled well.

Since it was almost full after coming to here, I ordered '2 deep-fried chicken', but this time, a dish with 4 pieces is available. It may be that you have finally stabbed Todome. Moreover, I feel that there are a lot of large ones ...

A total of 17 deep-fried foods were completed and the day ended. Even if you eat this much, the price of fried chicken is definitely 100 yen.

Anyway, if you want to eat fried chicken until you are full, check it out.

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