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"Tohpei (· ω <)" is a story that Yoko Hikasa has created and started using around 2007 that he belonged to in the office. When something goes wrong, "laugh" and "laugh" , "It was born by combining the appearance that cheats by putting out a tongue with" ぺ ろ "Seiyu Hikasa Yoko .infoIn 2009, it was popular in the voice actor world and received "buzzword 2009 (1st)" that Voice Gura web chooses without permission, and it spreads further from there, and it got established in a certain sense One of the terminology.

SuchTohpei (· ω <)There are sites where you can roll backOpenedHowever, "Because the server was down due to the concentration of access, I received a report that I got inquired to the server management company, because there are too many accesses, I can not let it return forever." It was regarded as desperate at, but was revived as "Temporary Server Teruper (· ω <) Saburo".

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Incidentally,History of TohpeiAre as follows.

· In July 2009, Higasaki used it in the blog. After that it will be used as a held material

· Toyosaki Aki, Sato Satomi and others are also infected

· In June 2010, Mr. Rikiko Nakamura of the same office talked about "Together with a gag that you do not understand well"

· Asuka Otame often brings out this phrase as "sliding notice"

· "Winning buzzword 2009 Voice Gla web select" 2009

· Mai Oshima, Aka Tone so heavily used on the radio (Mechanism to claim that he is outgoing?

· In March 2011, Watanabe Mayu of AKB 48 was infected, used in blogging * 3

· In September 2011, Tansei's Kaneda Satoshi used it on a special program of the Japanese TV series "Shawatto!"

· Received a Silver Award at "Women's Junior High School Mobile Trendy Language Grand Prize 2011" based on the questionnaire conducted by Peenest Inc. on "@ peep!" "Chip !!" Hisashi himself is interviewed at "Hanamaru Market"

· February 12th, 2011 Hisashi Hisashi's blog posts the comment on "Silver Awards for Women's Junior High School Mobile Trendy Land Grand Prize 2011"

· Received 2nd place in '2011' GRP AWARD 2011 'girls' buzzword

· Used in SOFTBANK MOBILE's CM in February 2012 (Used by Trendle Rena)

Tohpei (· ω <)

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