"UQ WiMAX" broke through 2 million contracts, the trajectory up to here is like this

According to UQ Communications, the cumulative number of subscribers of UQ WiMAX (WiMAX) service exceeded 2 million on February 26 (Sunday) 2012. The UQ WiMAX service began commercial service in July 2009, cumulatively exceeding 1 million contracts in June 2011, and then cumulatively totaling 2 million contracts in about 8 months.

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The past steps are as follows.

Also, according to the release of UQ Communications,

A cumulative total of 2 million contracts, including customers, partners, support for WiMAX service
Thanks to you and all the press, we have introduced our service widely
I sincerely express my gratitude.

We will continue to provide customers with even more accessible services, more customers
We will strive to work together as a way to satisfy you.
Please continue your continued support and cooperation.

... apparently ...

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