What is the content of the recruitment test Thomas Edison made the applicant to solve?


Thomas Edison himself was interviewing the people who came in according to recruitment but as a result of the low level of knowledge of those who first worked under Edison, He seems to have done 150 written tests for the first time.

This test was carried out in that it would be a problem if we had to leave knowledge (common sense) at a level comparable to that of Edison in order to get a job, and Edison did not talk about the contents to the press etc. However, some of them have been handed down from the contents that people who did not take the test remembered.

Thomas Edison's Eccentric Job Interview Questions - A Cheat Sheet - Mental Floss

People who solved 90% of the 150 questions in this exam were adopted, and it seems that only 35 people were able to pass through the 500 tested people.

Because I write answers easily after listing the problems collectively, please let me scroll well if you want to solve by yourself.

Q1: Who is Francis Marion?

Q2: Where is the Volga River?

Q3: Who invented logarithms?

Q4: What is the first line of Aeneid (The Aeneid)?

Q5: What did Chile export to the Allies during the Great War? (Note: since this test was in the 1920's, great war refers to World War I)

Q6: Who is the Roman Emperor when Jesus Christ was born? (This question was imposed on furniture craftsmen)

Q7: Where is the Sargasso Sea?

Q8: What is brass made of?

Q9: Who is Leonidas?

Q10: Who discovered X-rays?

Q 11: Where can I get shellac?

Q12: Who is Bessemer, and what did you do?

The following is an example of an answer to the above problem.

A1: A soldier who fought on an independent side during the American Revolutionary War. Also known as the father of guerrilla warfare.

A2: Russia. It is also the longest river in Europe.

A3: Scottish mathematician, John Napier.

A4: Arma virumque cano ~ (for example, "I sing of arms and of a man" in English)

A5: Sodium nitrate (chillynite). It was used as a raw material for black powder.

A6: Since it is said that Christ was born in about 4 BC, Augustus (from 27 BC to DE 14 BC). By the way, Christ died in around 30 AD, when the emperor succeeded Augustus Tiberius (ranking from 14 to 37 AD).

A7: around the North Atlantic, Bermuda Sea.

A8: Alloy of zinc and copper.

A9: King of Sparta. In the battle of Thermopylae led a small Spartan army and fought against the Persian Army and killed himself. The Persian troops were seriously damaged.

A10: German physicist Wilhelm Rentogen. With the accomplishment of this discovery I won the 1st Nobel Prize in Physics. In addition to this, there were several other physicists who discovered similar things using the Crux tube in addition to Edison's rivals Nicola Tesla and Edison himself.

A11: Secreted by the rack crayfish. By the way shellac is used as varnish, wax, coating agent.

A12: Henry Bessemer is the inventor of England and invented the smelting method of steel. According to Bessemer's invention, steel can be mass-produced.

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