List of necessary items to protect President Bush

If you say the president of the United States, it is a key person in the main figure, the highest priority escort which must protect everything for the time being, what kind of personnel and facilities are necessary for escorting one president? Let's take a look at President Bush, President of the United States of America, which is the active president, so that we have a comprehensive drawing compiled.

Details are as below.
This is the diagram.

Looking at the breakdown,Secret serviceThere are 250 people, 150 National Security Advisors, 200 from other departments in the United States, 50 White House expert staff, 15 search dog teams, 1 exclusive cock and 4 cook assistants. In addition to these, two Boeing 747-200 aircraft and one chartered one plus, Sikorsky · Seeking (helicopter) 1 machine, Black Hawk (helicopter) 1 machine, limousine, armored for those car parade There are 20 cars of the same type.

Furthermore, experiencing the President of the United States will have about 20 escorts after quitting the President. Below is the picture of President Clinton.

All the ex-president's men: Bill Clinton's 20 bodyguards as he takes a stroll | the Daily Mail

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