"Sakura's dedicated server" which can get the server at the fastest 10 minutes Start offered February 29, ioDrive can also be selected

Sakura Internet will start a dedicated server service "Sakura's dedicated server" from February 29th. Sakura Internet itself also provided dedicated server service so far, but the problem is that the number of days is necessary before the start. With this new service, we can improve that point and start using it at the fastest 10 minutes.

Sakura Internet starts offering "Sakura's dedicated server" that can be configured with multiple units at the fastest delivery time | Sakura Internet

On the other hand, cloud services are inferior in performance although they are superior in usability, and users need to select by considering which one their use is suitable for was. However, Sakura Internet broke down these two options this time.

In the new "Sakura's dedicated server", it is the fastest 10 minutes from application to use. For a dedicated server, it was necessary to ask the operator to install the OS and restart the server, but with the new service it is now possible to self-complete online from the control panel. Access to the console screen is also provided, and the number of servers can be increased without an upper limit.

Control panel

Physical console also available remotely

This figure compares dedicated server, "Sakura's dedicated server", cloud.

Two types of server, "Express Series" delivered at the fastest 10 minutes and "Flex Series" of fully customizable BTO type can be chosen. The server itself has "HP ProLiant DL 2000"When"DELL PowerEdge R510"SSD can be selected in any series. In the case of the flex series,IoDriveYou can also select.

Express series

Flex series

There are two types of ioDrive that can be selected.

IoDrive :: Fusion-io(320 GB, read speed 770 MB per second · write speed 790 MB per second)

IoDrive Duo :: Fusion-io(640 GB, 1.5 GB per second for both read and write)

Furthermore, because it is possible to connect with "Sakura's Cloud", the front side processing will be repeated by increasing / decreasing using the cherry blossoms of Sakura and adapting to the situation at that time, but using a dedicated server properly fixed in the background , And so on.

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