"Sakura's cloud" started on 15th November 15th, no traffic charge

It is the largest large-scale data center in JapanIshikari Data CenterAt the same time as the opening of the first service "Sakura's cloudIt seems to be available from 15:00 on November 15, 2011. Because the fee structure can be settled at the daily rate (about one-twentieth of the monthly amount) based on the monthly fee, it is quite easy to know how much it should be paid in advance.

Public cloud "Sakura's Cloud" that can freely build Sakura Internet, servers and networks is available from November 15th | Sakura Internet

The server plan list looks something like this.

Virtual 1 Core Memory 2 GB Plan 1 to 12 Virtual Core Memory 128 GB Plan 13 There are not only scale out to increase the number of servers but also to scale up to increase server specifications, It is quite good to solve with just. The charge of the internet line is included in the server, and there is no traffic accounting (usage-based billing) at all. In addition, the internet line is 100 Mbps, the global IP address (IPv4) assigned to the server is fixed, correspondence to IPv6 is currently under consideration.

In addition, the network plan list for those who want to change the network is like this.

Regarding router + switch and additional IP address, it is scheduled to be released at the end of November after service provision is started, it is also possible to disconnect the standard Internet line and make it a local only connection.

You can also select the image of the OS from the following. However, be careful that the disk capacity when using public templates is fixed at 20 GB.

Public template / installation ISO image list

By default, storage with only 20 GB can be expanded as follows. If you create a snapshot of the disk (backup of the disk image), you can write back the contents of the disk to the snapshot at any time, and from the snapshot you can also create a private template (a template for yourself, yourself) If you can use it to create a new server, you can easily make a duplicate of the running server.

Storage plan list

About the storage, initially only block storage will be offered, but it is currently under consideration to offer cloud storage with expandable capacity.

Also, the control panel relationship is as follows.

Remote screen screen

Map view screen

Possible operation list

YouTube has a movie that explains the actual operation and you can see what you can do.

Flow from setting of new server to completion of creation on control panel

Network connection of created server. Map display and connection to switch

Create a snapshot of the disk and roll back with the snapshot

Save the snapshot as a template and create a server based on the template

Set up three servers on multiple controllers on the control panel using switches

Added a gateway server and switch to the configuration in the above movie, changed to 4 switch configuration of multiple switches

In addition, API is also offered in the future, and it is expected that we will expand public templates, add ISO image uploading function, provide appliances such as load balancer, and reverse correspondence of IP address.

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