VPS service that can use 10 GB SSD disk capacity at 110 yen / month

CloudVPS(Virtual dedicated server) in the United States providing services and data center servicesAtlantic.NetHas launched a plan that can use SSD-based VPS service for 99 cents a month (about 110 yen).

Atlantic.Net Launches $ .99 Server "Go" Plan To Push the Advancement Of Startup Innovation by Atlantic.Net

Atlantic.Net Launches $ 0.99 / Month SSD-Based Servers To Challenge DigitalOcean | TechCrunch

The 10 GB SSD disk capacity of 10 GB can be used because the company's newly launched "GO"plan. The available memory capacity is 256 MB, the CPU has virtual 1 core, 1 TB data transfer capacity set, and OS can choose either FreeBSD or Linux.

The introduced SSD is a model for the enterprise, ensuring reliability. Of course, RAID redundancy is also done. The administrator authority gives root authority and you can add a backup service once a day by adding 20% ​​to the usage fee. The server is set up in three places in the United States and Canada, and it seems that expansion to Asia and Europe region is planned in the future.

The company assumes SSD-based VPS service mainly for small startup companies at the stage of launch. It is difficult to expect very high performance from the memory capacity of 256 MB, and may be mainly used for blog management etc. However, since further advanced plans are prepared, it is also possible to rank up according to the scale.

Although it is an SSD server that can be expected to be effective if it can be used for high-speed read speeds, it is also true that conventional HDD servers have higher performance in cases where frequent write occurs. Although it can be said that geographical distances need to be taken into consideration, the price of 110 yen per month on the SSD server is hard to find in Japan, so it seemed like it was OK even if you tried it once.

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