Former Eva Theater Version "Evangelion Mass Production Machine (Tentative)" and Phantom "Eva No 4"

"Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition"We went shooting a visionary Eva Unit 4 whose name only appeared as a next-generation pilot operator, and as I went to shoot the old Eva theater version"Evangelion mass production machine (temporary)"ButRevoltech YamaguchiI found out that it was due to appear.

Full body silverEva Unit 4Start selling on February 15

Cool looking surface

The length of the spear is 295 mm in total length

Total length 140 mm · All 22 positions movable · Prototype production is Yamaguchi Katsuhisa, tax included 2980 yen

Because the joint moves naturally, such a pose is also possible

Good standing is also good

It is possible to make it stand as well as this as well as a forward tilted posture

So, something is behind when you look closely

Production Mass Production Machine (Tentative)

It is possible to reproduce that scene descending from the scene

A really heinous eel face

You can taste the attacked feeling

If mass production machines (provisional) have the same number as in the play, mushy meal scenes can be reproduced ... ....

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