The naked men bathed in water in the extremely cold shouting on the flames "Su Son Festival" local interview -

Temperature falls below zero Fuukoshima enters the ice-tight pond to purify yourself "Nakeden" to raise your breath on a flaming flame "Hibiki no Ichigo" (Hitaki no Uragi) ", Amulet and lugopack hemp bag An unexpected extreme event such as 'Suicide Battle Competition Battle' competing in groups will be held all night "The Sumo Festival (Somin)". This festival is held annually as a traditional event with more than 1000 years of history to be held in various places in Iwate Prefecture,Kuroishiji (Kokusekiji)The one of the biggest one is a local big event.

Also in the event 2008Naked Festival Poster: JR East "Waited" ... A woman's discomfort"As reported in the article of the article, the state of the festival which is carried out almost entirely naked has a controversial impact simply by posting it, and it is possible to find multiple sites which summarized the works of the past even on the net It attracts a lot of attention.

Suhumha Festival Poster Conclusion - Alfalfa Mosaic

【Naked Festival】 Poster image collection of Kuroishi Temple Son Festival - NAVER Summary

【2ch】 New speed quality: "Suicide festival poster" which became a topic with "male's chest hair unpleasant", posted from next month JR, no claims this time

Because the festival will be held from the night of January 29th to the morning of the 30th in 2012, we decided to go to the site to actually interview the site and see what kind of harsh events are being held in what kind of environment .

Since Kuroishiji which will be the venue for the "Sukuma Festival" is located in Oshu city, Iwate prefecture, from Tokyo, take the JR "Yamabiko" Morioka journey to the nearest Mizusawa Esashi station.

Even in Tokyo only snow was already piled up only in the festival that is held during the coldest season.

When I go out to the suburbs, I see that there is considerable snow on the mountain.

As you go north, snow will deepen.

As I passed through the tunnel, it was a snowy country beyond what I thought. To make a naked festival in a place northward beyond this point should be quite harsh ......

There are few passengers in the car.

Arrived at Mizusawa Esashi Station. There is a bus and taxi's roundabout in front of the station, and there is not even a convenience store.

I found a signboard of "Suhumha Festival" at once.

Because it is also a land famous for the southern ironworks, there were signs that shaped iron bottles.

As expected there was no snow on the road in the city, but the side of the road is frozen in blackcurrant.

When entering the alley, there is also snow on the road.

The menu that was in front of the pub is frozen.

I found a poster of the "Sukuma Festival". A child is a model this year.

There is Kuroishiji Temple in about 15 minutes by car from downtown area. At the time of the festival guidance version comes out just before the temple so you should not get lost.

It is finally entering the site.

A statue greets you.

Entrance. The toilet is in the back.

People who are forced to prepare for the festival starting from night starting out of the parking lot are busily working.

I found a guide plate before going up to the main hall. This "Ruri Utsukawa" seems to be a place where participants bathe and purify their bodies.

This is Ruri Usukawa.

I'm frozen ... ....

Mushro is laid so as not to slip.

Ice covered with a thickness of nearly 5 cm was stretched.

The news agency has already begun taking place.

Looking like this when it is near.

After purifying your body, I will climb this staircase and visit the precincts.

There is a guide of extra buses to the place where I climbed the stairs. The start of the festival is late night and the end is early in the morning, so we have a flight matching it.

It is the history of Kuroishiji. This place was opened as a temple of Tendai sect in the year 729 AD, and the current main hall was rebuilt in 1884.

A waiting room for festival participants is prepared in the precincts. Behind the stairs is the main hall that is the stage for the event.

A dining room is also available, and sweet sake, oselko (100 yen each) etc. are on sale.

There is an information office in front of the main hall, and it will tell you the schedule etc.

When participating in the festival when becoming naked it is essential to wear sub-band (Fujishi) and socks. Although women can see, participation in competition fight etc. can not be done.

In front of the main hall a large amount of wood for carrying out a bonfire was piled up.

This is the temple's main hall "Yakushido".

One pair of iron guardian dogs.

It is a place of worship of the main hall. Most of the main events after this will be held in this place.

Dragon's sculpture on the pillar.

A wooden wall that makes history feel.

Snow is piled up on the roof. Although a bonfire is carried out considerably gigantically later in the precincts, the fire spreading still does not occur because everything is covered with snow.

It is the history of Yakushido. It has been destroyed once more than 1000 years ago, but this is due to war.

There is a small hall in the precincts.

Waiting room surrounded by musilo. There is a straw bunch inside, this replaces the cushion. At night, I warm up the central charcoal and warm it.

Precautions for photographing prohibition.

Some of the waiting rooms are open to the general worshipers, and there are places like you can eat all you can drink at 1000 yen.

Because it is a religious event, you can not talk about meat and fish in the precincts during the period.

In this hut, paying the fee will pass the piece of wood and this instead of the pass. You can enjoy meals and drinks while you are free to enter and warm up until early in the morning.

The inside looks like this.

Cooking is made with charcoal fire.

Pleasant juice.


Seat is like this. Because it is a temperature below zero, I just feel somewhat sitting on Mushiro but I feel quite it.

Electricity will light when the sun goes down.

"Sogyu Festival" started with prayers for the troubled people to be held around 20 o'clock.

People gradually gather from this time gradually.

When the area becomes dark it is time for the festival to finish.

The state of the next magazine, such as "naked girls" where men bathe in a piece of sofutoshi done after this, please.

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