Naked men bathe in water on a frozen river and scream on the flames "Su Son Festival" local coverage - Competition -

Japan's foremost festival "Sukumen festival"In extreme events such as men in the morning men fleeing in the icy river under the temperature below zero, cleans themselves and raises their breath on burning firewood stacked at a height exceeding 2 meters overnight It will be done. The previous coverage article "Charge","Extremely cold weather","Burning heat"The last one reports the state of the early morning event" Suicide Battle Competition Battle "which will be the climax of the festival.

A state of the venue around 2 o'clock in the morning. People are sparse when it comes to this time zone.

The cold enough to freeze the tea that entered the PET bottle.

People who brought a wooden stick called "Exit" on the sign of the sound of the bell appeared separately (the temple's priesthood) and headed to the main hall.

Some people join the queue while hitting the shells and drums.

This is the "Suwaku Bag" that will be subject to the fight against later. There is a talisman made of small wood chips inside, so there is a legend that you can avoid disasters if you have this amulet and bag fragments, so the festival participants will compete against each other.

Separately, we will do prayer and misery with five grain rich faces in front of "Suhinbukuro" delivered to the main hall.

You can see how to read the sutra with the following movie.

2012 'SUGEN FESTIVAL' segregation - YouTube

When the different prayers are over, the people climbing the hill for shooting will begin preparations.

Like this, television photographers and others are on standby to shoot in bird's-eye view. By the way, GIGAZINE editorial department also participated in the shooting in this place, so we have to sit with no movement for nearly two hours so even if we wear a down jacket and warm a cold weather with freezing cold did.

Around midnight, a male will come and climb to the main hall of the main hall. In this event, we compete for a hemp sack called "Suhinbukuro", and finally the person holding the part of "neck" under the tightening mouth of the bag gets the honor and prize called "owner", so each We will take strategies and pick up places.

First of all, if you enter the main hall, it will not be advantageous for the battle game, and there are also people who have strategies not to climb the lattice door, so gradually the number of people will increase gradually for about 15 minutes.

I am crying for the shout of "Jassault, Joyasa!" From above the latticed doors.

Just staying in this place seems to consume a considerable amount of physical strength, but I am stepping up my mind while raising my arms.

In the main hall, participants and festival participants, reporters and amateur photographers gathered together and it was very crowded.

Separate appear in the main hall, and we will roll rice cake made into the shape of the twelve zodiac, which is regarded as an lucky star, onlookers.

Next, for the sake of calling "Oniko climb", two seven-year old boys appear on the back of men and go round the flames.

2012 "Su Son Festival" Onishi Climb - YouTube

Finally, when "Suwaku bag" is brought to the venue and it is torn up by a ceremony called "sword insertion", a fighting battle begins.

In a splendid "push-bun manuu" state by men who reach for bags.

When the owner changes for the competition of the bag, the mass of the person goes to the dooddog and goes and goes accordingly.

"Amulet" which is stored in the bag is also an lucky thing, so if the contents are sprinkled, a new fighting battle begins by stretching out the hand to us.

The onlookers also involved and pushed together.

It is a very tight adhesion degree.

Some people are waiting on the latticed doors and putting on diving attacks.

After the rushing continued in the main hall for about 30 minutes, the competition went out outside the precincts.

Please check the scene of the battle fought in the main hall with the following movie.

2012 "Su Son Festival" Resuscitation Battle Competition Battle - 1 - YouTube

"Suwaku bag" competition continues while moving on the general road.

Atmosphere that ambulance, fire truck and police car stand by.

Safety enters into the frame made of strings and rubbing continues.

People who reach for bags desperately.

Continue to win while rushing in a rice field beside the road.

People who were holding bags at this point will be comparative of the guts, so those who were not involved in the last competition are in sight mode.

Participants watching the direction of the game in addition to the "amulet" that he got.

Since the bags are overlapped and collapsed, they hold the bags and do not release them, so the carers of the "mother" and the festival intervene to make a judgment on the winner, "owner".

After entering the rice field, you can see the flow of deciding "owner" in the following movie.

2012 "Su Son Festival" Resuscitation Battle Competition Battle -2 - YouTube

This year's "owner" is Moriyasu Hojo 50 years old who lives in Mizusawa Ward, Oshu City.

Tag that indicates that it is "the owner" handed after judgment of competition fight is in hand.

One item of rice was presented as a product.

Mr. Hojo of "the owner" who receives blessing with the trunk.

As confirmed by the Commercial Tourism Division of Oshu City, next year's "Sujin Festival" will be held from the night of February 16th to the early morning of 17th.

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