A USB cable that enables near future charging, in which blue light flows into the smartphone

A USB cable that emits light in an atmosphere as if the flow of electricity is visible is being released from Sanwa Direct. It is equipped with a USB terminal for PC and a micro USB terminal that can be connected to a smartphone etc, and its length is about 80 cm. The price of direct sales site is 1980 yen and shipping fee is free.

Glowing Smartphone USB Cable DWA 065 WL - Sanwa Direct

If you say what you actually feel when using it will be like the following movie.

Glowing smartphone USB cable DWA 065 WL - YouTube

The package looks something like this. Illustrations depicting a terminal like "GALAXY S" connected to a laptop are drawn.

According to the instructions "Charging current can be visually observed". The contents are "1 x charging well conspicuous green cable" and it seems that somewhat Japanese is suspicious. Correctly it should be "white cable for charging glowing blue x 1".

Cables that emit light. Velcro tape for collecting the code is attached.

In summary it is like this. Since it is harder than a general cable, it can not be compact unless it is tight.

The upper side is the USB terminal which connects to the PC etc, the lower side is the micro USB terminal which connects the smartphone etc. The connection part with the cable is made firmly and fairly, it seems not to be easy to break easily.

It is like this when not energizing. If you look closely it has a slight gloss on the surface, but otherwise it looks like a normal cable.

When turning on the PC and energizing it glows blue. Because the lighting place changes alternately, it seems that the line of light seems to flow.

You can see that even in a bright room it glows neatly.

Looking at the state not shining close, it looks like this.

It looks like this when you see the glowing state in close proximity.

When I took the camera shutter for a long time and shoot, it became a fantasy feeling picture.

Also, cables that connect the iPhone, iPad's dock connector and USB terminal in the same way as sister items can be connected are also on sale.

Glowing DOCK connector USB cable (iPad, iPhone, iPod compatible) DWA 063 - Sanwa Direct

In addition, one of the cables purchased at the editorial department does not light up due to the cause which seems to be broken just by repeating rounding and stretching about 20 times for shooting, and the following error is displayed on the PC It has become like.

While there is something broken in the sog as mentioned above, another cable has a light with no problem even if it bends and stretches more than 100 times for rough experiments. Whether it will be broken or not depends on subtle points such as how much force is applied, but rather than putting it in a bag or bundling it, leaving it at home and enjoying the design as an interior It is certain that usage can reduce the risk of damage. Therefore, rather than emphasis on strength, it is a product recommended for those who can divulge and use it as "want to stick to the appearance."

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