'My color-Toki no Nagare-' review that expresses the color of the sky such as 'Akatsuki' and 'Twilight' with red meat and leaves a beautiful imprint

The red meat is generally red in color, but from June 10, 2021, the red meat ' My Color-Toki no Nagare- ', which is a mixture of multiple shades of Shachihata, has appeared. The four red meats of the desired dawn 'Akatsuki' color, the radiant daytime 'Hakuchu' color, the dyed dusk 'Twilight' color, and the shining night 'Tsukiyo' color have a beautiful appearance in themselves, but press the stamp. What will it look like? I was curious, so I actually tried using it.

Released the second edition of beautifully colored vermilion 'My Color-Toki no Nagare-' that expresses the feelings of the topic on SNS | Shachihata


This is 'My color-the flow of time-'. From the left, it is Akatsuki, Hakuchu, Twilight, and Tsukiyo.

When I took out the red meat from the box, the outside was the same as the general red meat ...

When you open the lid, you can see that each color is not a single color but a mixture of multiple colors.

The diameter of the vermilion case is about 6.5 cm.

The thickness is about 1.5 cm.

Akatsuki is said to be 'the dawn of hope'Akatsuki'color', and the

official image shows a photograph of clouds lit by the sun under the blue sky during the dawn time and dyed orange.

Hakuchu reproduces the appearance of clouds floating in the blue sky ...

The twilight is illuminated by the setting sun, and the

image of the sky draws a gradation from orange to purple.

Tsukiyo feels like the

full moon is illuminating the pitch-black sky.

First of all, I tried pressing the red meat as it is on the paper. With the red meat alone, it seemed to use two colors except for 'Akatsuki', but when I pressed it on paper, the colors were actually mixed in a complicated manner due to bleeding and shading.

So I will actually push the stamp.

When I pressed it with Akatsuki, it was a slightly brighter shade with three different colors: light blue, slightly dark yellow, and orange. A pretty pop impression.

Please note that the diameter of the red meat part is about 5.5 cm, so a large stamp will not fit.

It is also a point that the color changes depending on which part of the red meat is used. Just use one red meat and it will be quite colorful.

'Hakuchu' looks like this. Rather than expressing the sky with a single color of blue, there are parts where the shades are slightly different.

Purple is conspicuous in the twilight, but the part close to yellow, orange, blue, etc. are mixed, and the gradation from orange to blue certainly makes you feel that 'night is approaching'.

Since it's a big deal, I made an eraser stamp so that I could press it with 'G' of GIGAZINE.

While making the mistake that is common to beginners, forgetting that 'the stamp flips when pressed' ...

Complete. I pressed 'Tsukiyo'. When I saw the red meat, I thought it was two colors, 'yellow and blue', but it contained bright water, deep blue, black, etc., and I was convinced that 'I see, it's a moonlit night ...'.

It's a lot of fun to be able to change the impression depending on which part of the red meat you use.

If you use a date stamp, the surface is small, so each character has a different color. As the colors change steadily, not only the completed drawing is beautiful, but also the red meat is fun to use.

In addition, the number of times of marking 'My color-Toki no Nagare-' is about 2000 times, and the price is 2200 yen including tax. Only sold at the official online store.

The world is full of beautiful colors. Beautifully colored vermilion 'My Color' | Shachihata Official Shop

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