Straight type Android smartphone with numeric keypad "INFOBAR C01" photo review

Mobile phone equipped with a unique appearance such as a design and check keyboard that took a cousin of mobile phones and smartphones, a long straight vertical body "INFOBAR".Already released Android modelsAlthough it was being done, it was not a straight body but a plate shape like a general smartphone. However, the 2012 winter model has the same straight type as the first generation and the ten-key is also reviving. Because it is a smartphone that seems to be easy to use even for users accustomed to mobile phones, it is important to know what looks and textures are like, what part is committed to the design, touch on the real thing I will try the photo review of the parts other than the functional aspects of the interior, centering on the part where I know the part that I know because I confirmed.

The color is three colors of NISHIKIGOI (red), ICHIMATSU (black), KIIRO (white), the display is about 3.2 inch TFT liquid crystal. The viewing angle was wide, and the screen was clearly seen even from around 45 degrees oblique. It means that there is a viewing angle that allows you to show pictures taken by yourself to the other person next to you.

Only the ICHIMATSU (black) on the back is matte finish. In the case of black, fingerprints are generally conspicuous, but fingerprints are not noticeable by matte finish.

I actually realize the narrowness of width. Since I can hold it firmly, I have a sense of stability. The terminal size is about 52 (W) × 130 (H) × 12.3 (D) mm (thickest part about 12.5 mm).

Since it is almost the same width as a foldable general-sized mobile phone (WX 340 K in the picture), even small people can firmly grip.

There was power supply and volume button on the left side. It is slightly smaller, but there is no problem with the fingers pushing.

There are no buttons on the right side, it is neat, there is only the character of INFOBAR.

The micro USB terminal is installed under the terminal. Since the cable hangs right under the terminal when calling while charging, it looks like handling.

Measured weight is 104 grams.

Compared with the size of iPhone 4 this is like this. It is more vertical than the iPhone, but the width is made smaller than the iPhone, so it should be easy to put in and out of your pocket.

I compared the thickness with the iPhone 4. Since the corners are rounded out, it is very smooth to put in and out of pockets.

Since it grips by using hands, there are no buttons in the part corresponding to the palm.

Even if you use it like this, you do not have to worry about hitting the button or doing misoperation.

There are no buttons on the side of "iPhone 4".

Even if you try to grasp it there is nothing to hit. In other words, you can see that Infobar has been designed with considerable emphasis on feeling when holding it with hands like the iPhone.

On the other hand, "Xperia acro" has a camera shutter button in this part.

Although it does not start the camera even if it grips strongly, it feels a bit worrisome.

Conversely why in the case of Xperia acro there is a button in such a place because it is making it so that the button of the camera of the previous will come in the just position if you hold it sideways. It is strongly aware of the use of the logo on the back side and the position of the antenna in the horizontal position, and this area becomes the commitment part of "What made it such a priority by giving priority to it?"

When going there, Infobar looks like this if you use it sideways. It is somewhat unstable because it is specialized for vertical holding.

IPhone is like this when you hold it sideways. There is no button on the bottom side, you can use the volume button on the right index finger to turn off the camera shutter. It is designed to be used in both vertical and horizontal without discomfort.

Next, I will look at Infobar's display. As with general smartphones, you can operate with fingers, but this Infobar 's design benefits lie in the "outer frame" part of this display.

I can hardly understand the part of the edge of the display just by just looking at it, but you can see that when you touch it with your finger, it is raised a little higher than the display. When touching the screen with the fingertip, it is made to understand without feeling uncomfortable with nature like "Here is the edge", and when you perform a gesture in the screen or a touch operation "feeling touching the screen" It helps to produce. Moreover, by raising a little, it plays a role also to protect the display from directly touching when displaying it and placing it on the desk.

This strange commitment also extends to the unique design and color numeric keypad that characterizes Infobar, and the touch feeling is pushy feeling with petite petit. Entering numbers such as phone numbers is very comfortable.

The key part is very slightly trapezoidal, but the top part is exactly the same height as the display, and as a result it is completely flat making. You can understand it by putting it on the desk.

On the back is equipped with a camera with about 8.04 million pixels.

The camera part on the back is hard to get scratched by denting one step from the surroundings.

In "Windows Phone 7", on the contrary, by protecting with the rubber edge, there are things that the camera part has jumped out and you can see that making is quite different even with the same smartphone.

It also corresponds to a mobile phone, and this area is designed to be usable normally without much difference from making a general "beep".

This Infobar which we were able to borrow ahead of this time is still functionally being tuned, so we mainly analyzed the attention of the design relationship, but it is certainly well thought out Whether or not it directly connects to the overall ease of use depends on the completeness of software tuning of the final contents. To the infobar series which showed commitment also to the user interface and so on, from here, software that can take full advantage of the careful creation of this appearance and whether it can realize the user interface seems to be the final point .

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