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8. Optimizing Server Settings

How MySQL's Configuration Works (How to set up MySQL)
Syntax, Scope, and Dynamism (syntax, scope, dynamic variables)
Side Effects of Setting Variables (side effect of variable setting)
Getting Started
Iterative Optimization by Benchmarking (Benchmark is repeatedly optimized)

What Not To Do (What You Should not Do)

Creating a MySQL Configuration File (How to create a MySQL configuration file)
Inspecting MySQL Server Status Variables (Survey of state variables of MySQL server)

Configuring Memory Usage
How Much Memory Can MySQL Use? (How much memory does MySQL use?)
Per-Connection Memory Needs (memory required for each connection)
Reserving Memory for the Operating System (amount of memory to be left for OS)
Allocating Memory for Caches (allocate memory to cache)
The InnoDB Buffer Pool (InnoDB buffer pool)
The MyISAM Key Cache (MyISAM key cache)
The Thread Cache (thread cache)
The Table Cache (table cache)
The InnoDB Data Dictionary (InnoDB data dictionary)

Configuring MySQL's I / O Behavior (MySQL I / O Adjustment)
InnoDB I / O Configuration (InnoDB I / O adjustment)
MyISAM I / O Configuration (MyISAM I / O adjustment)

Configuring MySQL Concurrency (Coordinate MySQL concurrency)
InnoDB Concurrency Configuration (Coordination of InnoDB concurrency)
MyISAM Concurrency Configuration (Adjustment of concurrency of MyISAM)

Workload-Based Configuration
Optimizing for BLOB and TEXT Workloads (optimization for BLOB workload and TEXT workload)
Optimizing for Filesorts (Optimization for file sorting)

Completing the Basic Configuration (Finishing of basic adjustment)

Safety and Sanity Settings (Safe and healthy setting)

Advanced InnoDB Settings (Advanced settings of InnoDB)

Summary (Summary)

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