How Flickr developers talk about accelerating net services

Many types of net services encompassed as Web 2.0, so-called web applications, are created dynamically so as to be incomparably different from the previous one, resulting in tremendous load on the system.

That's why it is representative of oversea digital camera sharing service"Flickr"Developers will explain how to speed up JavaScript.
Vitamin Features >> Serving JavaScript Fast

There seems to be various things such as dividing the procedure and making it easier, using the cache, compressing the transfer amount and saving bandwidth. In addition, GIGAZINE has adopted the cache system and effectively utilizes it, the load is currently suppressed to 1/12 of the original.

Also, this is a reverse proxy acceleration method. - Squid Support Service

Compression method using "Apache module" mod_deflate ".

Mod_deflate - Apache HTTP server

This will be helpful as well. Performance tuning for each OS. - operating system performance tuning

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