How to make USB memory to reset Windows password for free

"Trinity Rescue KitIt is possible to create a boot CD that can reset the password of Windows which for some reason is not understood by some reason, but it can not be created if there is no CD drive. So I created the bootable USB memory as easily as possible from Windows and summarized the procedures to reset the Windows password.

◆ Step 1: Download the ISO image of "Trinity Rescue Kit"

First of all, I access the official site below.

Trinity Rescue Kit: Download

After accessing, you can download any ISO image by clicking on any of the three links. It is about 150 MB.

This "Trinity Rescue Kit" is a Linux distribution aimed at recovering and repairing Windows, and it includes virus scanning, machine-wide backup, restoration of deleted files, restoration of lost partition information, detection of rootkits, etc. It is possible to have a function to reset the password of Windows that can not log in as part of its function.

◆ Step 2: Set the USB memory to bootable USB memory

Next, prepare the USB memory and insert it in the PC, open My Computer, right click on the corresponding USB memory recognized as a removable disk, and click "Format".

Check the file system as "FAT32", allocation unit size as "standard allocation size", volume label as "TRK_3 - 4" and "Quick format" and click "Start"

Click "OK"

Click "OK"

Click "Close"

next"UNetbootinGo to the official website, click the "Download (for Windows)" button and download UNetbootin

This is UNetbootin, click to activate

Select "Disk image" and click on the right end button

Select the ISO image file you downloaded earlier and click "Open"

Make the type "USB drive", select the USB memory drive number (this time "E" drive), then click "OK"

I will wait for a while.

When you are finished, click "Finish"

◆ Step 3: Insert the USB memory into the PC with Windows you want to reset the password and start up

Insert the created bootable USB memory into the Windows installed PC (power off state) you want to reset the password

Turn on the power. This time I will try it in case of Panasonic's Let's Note. To set the USB to boot, leave the "F2" key pressed during startup.

Since the BIOS menu is displayed, set "USB hard disk" as the start option from the "Startup" tab to the top level.

Go to the "Exit" tab, select "Save settings and restart" and restart the computer

Then "Trinity Rescue Kit" starts from bootable USB memory

◆ Step 5: Reset Windows password

As you leave the screen as before, this screen will appear, so wait for a while until the menu is displayed

When such a menu is displayed, press the cursor key "↓" to select "Windows password resetting" and press the "Enter" key

Press the cursor key "↓" to select "Winpass with prompt for username first" and press the "Enter" key

Enter the Windows user name whose password you want to reset, and press "Enter" key

Enter "1" and press "Enter" key

Type "1" again and press "Enter" key

If "Password cleared!" Is displayed, success is displayed, "Press any key to continue" is displayed and it stops, so press "Enter" key

Select "Go back to main menu" and press "Enter" key

Press the cursor key "↓" to select "Poweroff computer" and press the "Enter" key

As this screen turns off in 10 seconds, the power will be turned off, unplug the bootable USB memory and start Windows, the password of the corresponding user has been reset and disappeared, so that you can log in as it is without entering the password Become.

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