'Akeumomeko and Yoro' Tweets rush to Twitter sinking, server falls

Castle in the sky "Laputa"Bals!Although it is a Twitter that can endure even with Twitter, "Akeumomeko and Yoro" tweets are rushing, so it becomes impossible to connect immediately after 0 o'clock, and it is still in a state difficult to connect even at the time of writing the article.

In addition, some services using API such as Hootsuite are hard to connect, or login disabled state.


This screen appears

This screen also comes out

It revived around 0:17, but it is also sluggish, unsteady and rattled.

2012/01/01 0:27 Addendum
Yodobashi dot com is also heavily heavy.

Yodobashi · dot · com

2012/01/01 0:30
For some reason mixi is also in a heavy condition.

Social networking service [mixi (mixi)]

2012/01/01 0:33
Somehow Sofmap is also very heavy.

Sofmap.com | Online Shop PC PC / Game / Digital Camera / Home Appliances etc.

2012/01/01 0:57
Announcement to the effect that it is being recovered from Twitter came out 9 minutes ago from now.

Twitter Status - Twitter Site Issue

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A graph comparing the strength of Twitter's "Akeime" vs "ballus" - GIGAZINE

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