A chart comparing the strength of Twitter's "Akeumi" vs "ballus"

We gather the number of tweets in Japan and the whole world as a graphTweet counterHowever, I am making a graph that clearly shows which one was more powerful by combining the peaks of "Akee Me" Tweet and "Bals" Tweet.

Tweet counter: Happy New Year to TPS

Blue is a blessing, red is a pulse. It is like this in the 2-second average world graph. There are more people at the time of the bals.

However, looking at the 5-second average global graph, it looks like this. As a result that the number of people who are to give away is larger than that of Bals.

furtherThis pageLooking at the domestic graph displayed in this way it is like this. This is the 10 second average in Japan.

And it is the 10 second average of the whole world.

In short, although "Balsu!" Is only for that moment, "Akei-Himeko Yoro!" Continues for a long time since midnight January 1, so it seems that the load is sustained if it is the total sum. Since Twitter announces that the restoration work is already in progress, it seems that it will be fully restored during the night.

2012/01/01 1:12
About twenty minutes ago Twitter error message changed to maintenance in progress. It seems that we have temporarily dropped a part of the server and are in maintenance for restoration.

2012/01/01 1:30
I finally logged in to Twitter. I also saw the top page. Apparently it seems that restoration began, but it is quite heavy.

2012/01/01 1:34
Twitter is experiencing technical problems again.

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