Twitter goes down for about an hour, Komi Hirose's first twitter interview will be delayed

Michael Jackson diedIn June 2009 when the traffic rushed down, in August 2009Mysterious DoS attackDown, and in December 2009DNS settings are hackedTwitter is encountering a grief such as today, around 20:45 today I was down the mystery.

It seems that Komi Hirose was planning to make the first Twitter meeting in history, but today Twitter is down about 20 minutes before 9 pm which was scheduled to start a press conference. According to jp every day "Twitter has fallen because of meHe said he was excited.

Details are as below.
Twitter / Over capacity screen when it fell below)

Also, a net service that tells me if Twitter is down "Ochitter? - Oh it?In "splendidly"It's falling"It was displayed.

Incidentally,Twitter statusThenThe load is high and the frequency of whale screens is very high. Currently, the watch team is undergoing restoration work."Has become.

Strange if todayBill Gates starts TwitterOr,Komi Hirose made the first twitter interview in historyThere were various things like, but what was the cause?

2010/01/20 22:06 Addendum
Every time he recovered, Twitter users of the whole world "resurrected!" "Resurrective" "I did not know what to do while Twitter is falling, I am already addicted (transliteration)" I tried doing Tweet of joy (speaking on Twitter), so it fell again. I am repeatedly falling and reviving.

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