Even on a personal computer monitor this can be decorated "Anywhere Mirror Cake"

Although the top of the items that make it feel like it is something to decorate in the New Year is a kagami cake, if you are using a personal computer, as you know it is often a miserable situation that there is no place to put a mirror cake. So, "This year I will enjoy the New Year 's even in the vicinity of a personal computer!" I bought it with a motivation that I do not know so much, the rabbit moist Kimura food released by "Omen cake anywhere"is.

(Rakuten site of Kimura Food official)【Rakuten Ichiba】 Decorate it on a flat-screen TV! Momokuchimaru mochi everywhere 【10P20Dec11】: rabbit mochi kimura food

How to decorate is like this. It can be used with 3 patterns of TV top, desktop stand, wall hanging.

I tried out from inside.

Somehow pettanko. Feeling that the back half of ordinary miracle cake disappeared.

The back is like this

First of all it is a stand type.

Completion There is no problem if there is enough space for desk calendar to decorate.

We will further transform it for liquid crystal monitor. There is something to look further in the back.

I will pull out like this

Remove the adhesive tape inside

Doing this like a pet

Then place it on the liquid crystal monitor and fix it with adhesive tape

Looking from the side like this

It sticks snugly, but the sticky part does not remain, a little relief

Atmosphere that it is overwhelming

In this case even around a small desk OK

I put the model of oranges sold at a uniform shop on the top almost in a perfect figure. The fixed price was 400 yen including tax, the actual selling price at supermarket was cheaper, it was 298 yen.

I took a further step and tried to finish like this

Painting style

When looking from the side it is so light that you can do something like this, for example

Shrinklin on top

Below is Petrun and "Anywhere Mirror Cake", a thin molded cake on a flat-screen TV or flat screen monitor, everything is ashamed of exactly that name.

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