I went to the "Yukimi Mochi Mochi Cafe" where you can enjoy desserts with a soft soft sofa and rich citrus with Yukimi Daifuku

Open from 9th September 2015 (Wednesday) "Yukimi cheeky cake"I heard that it is possible to eat arrange sweets using winter classic ice" Yukimi Daifuku "for a limited time, so I went to win six types of menus.

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Arrived at the spiral garden of Omotesando, Tokyo, where Yukimi cheeky cafe is opening for a limited time. The address is 5-6-23 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo, it is located just outside the Omotesando station B1 exit of the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Chiyoda Line and Hanzomon Line.

I found a signboard of "Yukimi Michi Michi Cafe" in the first floor of the spiral garden.

As you go up the stairs, something like a yellow box is placed behind the signboard with a huge illustration of Yukimi Daifuku.

The identity of the yellow box was a retro designed refrigerator.

Next to the fridge it is possible to see the menu picture using the iPad. While operating the iPad, you are wondering which dessert you are ordering ......

Suddenly, the refrigerator began to say "Customers are tired somewhat?", On the iPad screen "Recommended menu" Yukimi Choco Mountain "was displayed. this"Talkative refrigerator"Captures the expression of the face with the in-camera of the iPad while looking at the menu, reads the feelings such as" smile "," expressionless "" sadness "and displays the dessert perfect for each person's mood Mechanism.

Chatting While referring to the menu recommended by the refrigerator, see the menu table at the counter and order. Yukimi Daisuku each dessert is 500 yen including tax, it is a prepayment formula at the counter.

In the vicinity of the entrance, there is a "luck test hook" that allows you to pick up Yukimi Daifuku, anyone can challenge for luck for free. There are picks of rare design in addition to three picks of normal design in the cucaran box.

I attempted to draw two, but both were picks of normal design with two hearts drawn.

The seat of Eatospace imagines Yukimi Daifuku, there are huge sofa bed seats and rounded sofa seats in the center.

Looking from the top, it seems as if there are people in a huge snow view.

The seat of the sofa bed is like this. The gigantic sofa bed which imagined the sense of Yukimi Daifuku is so huge that people can lie down lengthy, so many people who visited the café had taken off their shoes and went up on the sofa bed and relaxed. White, red, pink cushions and "Damn a personThere is also a huge cushion that is said to be.

A small round glass table is arranged around the sofa at even intervals, so you can sit anywhere near the table.

A goldfish bowl is placed in the aisle, looking at the relaxingly swimming goldfish, sit in the seat and wait for the menu to arrive.

Because it was just after opening, the menu arrived after waiting for about 15 minutes. "Fruits Yukami Daifuku"When"Green Matcha's Yukimi Daifuku"Is a sweet sweet snow-wing Daiko as a Japanese style parfait.

Each sweet is used by a whole Yukami Daifuku, with a pick of Yukimi Daiku type stuck.

"Green Matcha's Yukimi Daifuku" is a dish with Matcha Powder and Matcha Cream together with Dawn with Yuukami Daifuku on top of Green Tea Jelly.

On the top of the jelly it is richly colored with sweet-and-sour chestnuts and black beans topped.

Yukimi Daifuku is not frozen in ticks, there are things melted at the time of eating well, and when you stab the fabric with a fork you can taste the texture of bamboo that stretches out with bayong.

When eating, the jelly which the bitter taste of Matcha was pushed forward was compatible with the creamy sweetness of Yukimi Daifuku. Many of the sweets made with Matcha are made to work with sugar to suppress bitterness, but Yukimi Daifuku of Green Matcha is not such a thing at all and it is irresistible to those who like cool tea. Coupled with gentle sweetness of chestnut and black bean, became a Japanese style sweet with a high degree of perfection.

"Fruit Yukimi Daifuku" is an anuspic-style dessert that topped with fruits and grains of strawberries, kiwi, bananas etc. around Yukimi Daifu.

Fresh fruits are rolling and volume full marks. The sweetness of Yukimi Daifuku is complemented by the sour taste of strawberries, and it is also good to eat in combination with your favorite fruit and Yukimi Daifu by managing even at home.

"Cheese cream's Yukimi white domeIs a dish that strawberries are decorated around Yukimi Daifuku and a mascarpone cheese sauce is applied.

Blueberries and lemon peels are on top next to Yukimi Daifuku.

Yukimi Daifuku with rich Mascarpone cheese with milky is a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness, the level of perfection you want the market to sell like this. Large strawberries are also vivid in appearance, and I feel like eating cold strawberry Daifuku with Yukimi Daifuku.

I put plenty of Yukimi into the cup-shaped cookie dough and plenty of chocolate sauce "Yukimi Choco Mountain".

From the edge of the chocolate sauce you can see white Yukimi Daibuku fabric.

Raspberries with chocolate sauce were added.

The sour sauce is wrapped in milk chocolate sauce and it is sweet anyway, and the sourness of the berry sauce sandwiched between cookie dough and Yukimi Daifuku is slightly felt. It is a dessert that is suitable for when you are tired, as recommended in a chat refrigerator because you can replenish sugar.

"Japanese style Mont Blanc of Yukimi and Hokuroku chestnuts"Is a dish that squeezed malon cream on Yukimi Daifuku and finished in a Mont Blanc style.

Like Yukimi Choco Mountain, Yukimi Daito's white mochi fabric was visible from the clearance of the cream.

Two kinds of toppings are chestnut's astring-skin boiled and crushed cookies.

Even though "Japanese style", sweetness is strong and it may be tough if it is not quite a sweet tooth. It may be just right to share it with several people and eat it.

We combined Yuukami Daigaku and black sesame sauce into a fruit-filled granola "Hokkori Yukimi Daifuku Black sesame seaweed".

The compatibility of granola and black sesame seems surprisingly good, and if you eat together a dusty Yukimi Daifuku and a crispy texture granola you can enjoy a different combination of textures.

For each item of dessert, one drink goes with it.

The Yukimi citrus cafe is a limited-time store opening on Tuesday, September 15, 2015, and the opening hours are from 11 o'clock to 20 o'clock. A cafe where you can unwind with sweets with a huge sofa while enjoying sweets is pretty rare, so I would like to expect a new store opening after the end of the term.

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