I tried to taste the New Year mood with Mego-cake-like Tyrole chocolate "Tyrole no Kagaku"

Speaking of Japanese New Year's festival, there are many people called "Kagami-cake" which piled large and small rice cakes and oranges. Since it was that "Tyrole no Kagaku" which is likely to be able to enjoy the mirror sauce that is a unique landscape in Japan is on sale, I decided to try and taste the New Year's mood as soon as possible.

★ Tyrol Choco Co., Ltd. ★

New product "Tyrole no Kagaku" released | Tyrol Choco's press release

That's why I got the "Tyrole no Kagaku" as soon as possible. The woodgraining package and the design of red and white, green are drifting like New Year 's.

There are 14 Tyrol choco in the box, and the energy per box is 476 kcal. If you look closely, the letter "b" of "Tyrol Choco Co., Ltd." has the form of chocolate.

On the back of the package, trivia related to Kagami cake was posted.

Since the lid is on the bottom, cut off the seal and open it. The seal is perforated and it is a kind point that it is easy to open.

When opening the lid with a crackle, Tirol was contained in one large bag.

In the bag there are 13 white tyrol choco and 1 orange tyrol choco.

"Milk cake" where white tyrol replaces rice cake, orange tyrol has become "mandarin jelly" imitating orange (rough).

When I piled up like this, I feel like New Year anymore.

Outside package to be active here. Thanks to the woodgrain design that imagines Takara chocolate stacked on a trapezoidal box and looking at it from the front, which is the image of the back white (Uragaro) green and red and white bills (ginseng) and the three trees made of wood The New Year feeling is up! As expected it is impossible to put it as it is, but it is perfect for decorating casually on the table and enjoying New Year's feeling.

The size of Tyrol choco itself is the same type as usual, and Tyroleccho, familiar, revealed when taking the wrapping paper.

The white "Milk Mochi" is a sweet and milky white chocolate flavor. When you cut it into two pieces, it contains something like a little yellowish jelly in it, which creates a texture like rice cake.

One "tangerine jelly" is a vivid orange color. Outside chocolate was also sweet and sour orange flavor.

Jelly who also got inside letting the feeling of oranges feel. From the clear jelly, I felt the flavor of the mandarin more strongly.

Tyrol choco's "Tyrole no Kagaku" is on sale at a price of 220 yen without tax. It is on sale at retail stores throughout the country, but it is inevitable that it will be sold out by the New Year, so it seems better to get the person you care about as soon as you find it.

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