I actually bought the brightness of the LED ceiling light that I can buy at the 10,000 yen range and compared it

It is designed to be able to withstand use for about 40,000 hours, consumes less energy than fluorescent lights, and the maximum brightness is obtained immediately after turning on the power, such as LED indoor lighting with many merits. However, is not it that many people have stepped on purchasing because "it is expensive!" Actually, however, products that cut 10,000 yen have appeared in the ceiling light for 6 tatami mats, so it may be time to buy it soon. So GIGAZINE Editorial Department decided to actually purchase and see which products are outstanding.

Nonetheless, it is impossible to buy all of the LED ceiling light with a huge number, so we will narrow down the product under the following three conditions.

· To be a model that can be bought at the 10,000 yen level
· It is supposed to use in a room around 6 tatami mat
· Things you can purchase at home electronics mass retailers and online shopping

In addition, we looked at the specifications of the catalog from among them, carefully selected products that are particularly excellent in brightness and low power consumption, and actually purchased the following five items.

◆ 1: Energy saving model with 32 watts power consumption
NEC "LIFELED'S HLDC 90601"(14,491 yen including tax)

◆ 2: Affordable model with sufficient brightness with 10,000 yen cut
Doshisha "Luminous WY-CL 46"(9700 yen including tax)

◆ 3: Steady one with well-balanced brightness and power consumption
Panasonic "EVERLEDS LGBZ 1150"(18,895 yen including tax)

◆ 4: High power of 60 watts power consumption on a thin body of about 6 cm
Twinbird Industry "CE-H783W"(19,990 yen)

◆ 5: High brightness model with illuminance exceeding 4000 lumens
Koizumi "BH 11703 C"(18,800 yen including tax)

In addition, the above prices are those at the time the editorial department purchased, not the manufacturer's retail price desired or current selling price. Therefore, the price of the linked site may be different. In addition, shipping fee etc is not included.

◆ Details of each product
Firstly, I chose it because of low power consumptionNEC's "LIFELED'S HLDC 90601 (10,7491 yen including tax)". Illumination is 2300 lumens, power consumption 32 watts and it is dark but it is excellent in energy saving.

When you remove the cover, there is a more translucent covering and the LED is put in it.

It is from the side. The thickness is 8.6 cm, but the middle of the cover is recessed, so I felt a little flat from the bottom.

The remote control looks something like this. In addition to adjusting brightness and color, you can set "night sleep timer" to turn off when the specified time comes, "an answering timer" to turn on / off the light while on the go for security and so on.

The second isDoshisha's "Luminous WY-CL 46 (9700 yen including tax)". Illuminance 3000 lumens, power consumption 46 watts, and the spec is reasonable but the price of 10,000 yen cut is attractive. It is the cheapest among the 5 chosen this time.

When you opened the cover, the LEDs were exposed and were aligned concentrically.

Viewed from the side. The size is 11.5 cm and slightly thicker.

Simple remote control. Every time you press the button, you can switch between brightness maximum → half → night light → unlit.

ThirdPanasonic's "EVERLEDS LGBZ 1150 (tax included 18,895 yen)"Illuminance 3500 lumens, power consumption 53 watts. Among the five items chosen this time, it is the spec that is right in the middle, but the price was the highest product.

When you opened the cover, there was a more translucent covering and the LEDs were lining in it.

It is from the side. The thickness is 13.1 cm and there is quite a volume.

The remote control has the function of adjusting the brightness and the function of adjusting the color tone between white and orange, and it is also possible to set "luxury mode" and "good night timer".

The fourth isTwinbird Industry's "CE-H783W (10,980 yen)". It is a high power model with illuminance 3600 lumens and power consumption 60 watts.

Viewed from the side. It's about 0.6 cm thick and very slim. I could not remove the cover, so I could not shoot the LED part.

With the remote control, you can perform 10 levels of brightness adjustment, 9 levels of color adjustment, sleep timer setting and so on.

Koizumi's "BH 11703 C (tax included at 18,500 yen)". Illuminance 4100 lumens, power consumption 56 watts and the brightest model among the 10,000 yen model for 6 mats.

Viewed from the side. The thickness is about 6.3 cm and slimness comparable to "CE-H783W" above. The cover could not be removed as well and the LED part could not be taken.

In addition to adjusting the brightness, the remote control can set the off timer in 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

◆ From here, I will actually compare the brightness.

NEC's "LIFELED'S HLDC 90601"It is dark and the angle at which light reaches is also narrow. However, the power consumption is as low as 32 watts, so especially if you do not need a strong light level it is divisible as an energy saving model.

Doshisha's "Luminous WY-CL 46 (9700 yen including tax)"The light is strong and the brightness is enough for the specification of 3000 lumens. Because LEDs are concentrically arranged in the cover, light is irradiated homogeneously in the downward direction. However, while I was lit, I was concerned that the sound "Gee" kept ringing small and small.

Panasonic's "EVERLEDS LGBZ 1150 (tax included 18,895 yen)"The light that turns to the ceiling side is also enough and the whole room is bright. The irradiation angle in the downward direction is also wide, and it is a model that lightens well in balance.

Twinbird Industry's "CE-H783W (10,980 yen)"Is because it specialized in thin type, the impression that the brightness is somewhat inferior.

Koizumi's "BH 11703 C (tax included at 18,500 yen)"It is a bright brightness as per specs. White light close to the fluorescent light spreads every corner.

I tried arranging the comparison of brightness in a horizontal row. From left to right are NEC's "LIFELED'S HLDC 90601", Dusisha "Luminous WY - CL 46", Panasonic "EVERLEDS LGBZ 1150", Twinbird Industry "CE - H 783 W", and Koizumi "BH 11703 C".

◆ Summary
In this comparison, the "Twainbird Industry" CE-H783W which is superior to the power consumption and lumen value is darker than Dusisha's "Luminous WY-CL 46" and Panasonic's "EVERLEDS LGBZ 1150", catalog specs do not necessarily correspond to the actual brightness I did not mean that I was doing it.

Regarding the color tone when maximizing the brightness, Panasonic's "EVERLEDS LGBZ 1150" was a slightly orange-like warm light with a slightly whitish light that was the same as a fluorescent light except it was light.

Regarding the temperature, even after working for 10 minutes after turning on the work from the ceiling, there was no particular heat and there was no model that was particularly strongly heated.

From the experience of using the 5 last, considering the combination of the function you want and the recommended model is as follows.

· For emphasis on brightness, for people who do not care much about energy consumption → Koizumi "BH 11703 C"
· Emphasis on energy saving, For those who do not mind brightness → NEC's "LIFELED'S HLDC 90601"
· Price-oriented, For those who do not care about operating noise at all → Doshisha "Luminous WY-CL 46"

Since the best option should change depending on the scene to use and the function to be sought, those who are planning to purchase please refer to this article and search for one suitable for the purpose.

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