Abbreviated mystery "TKB soba" Taste Review, Tempura · Fox and Sesame Powder

Ace cook toward the end of the year "TKB SobaI bought and sold soba as if I collaborated with idols like something like that, so I tried it. Actually, it is a combination of three, "Tempura (T)" "Fries (K)" "Noda Powder (B)" which is compatible with soba, regardless of idle.

TKB soba (228 yen including tax), which is more convenient than buying tempura - buckwheat noodle shochu.

Raw material is like this.

It is 447 kcal with one meal.

Base is beside fried tofu.

Tempura and pollen (sprinkle) are added there.

Frying supporting the "fox" part. It is tick.

Tempura is free to eat, as it means "If you put it in the beginning it will softly mellow and mellow if you put it later, you will be crispy and fragrant."

I decided to postpone this time, so after having poured hot water, I had Tenpura hold down the lid.

Three minutes passed

Fried fry was completed finish

I will put a pollinate there


Mix the flour mix and scatter, then put the tempura close by

I will suck and juice

I will receive tempura crisply.

Tempura after late is eaten in the middle of crispy and fluffy and the texture is the best.

Frying which has been seasoned considerably sweet. Because the ride on the side, the return was slow, it was a little hard.

When I drunk the soup to the bottom, I was able to meet the nodular dust again. It seems to be supporting the bottom of the flavor.

If it is only a half year earlier to get outKamen Rider OzeThere might have been a way of teasing like "Tenkibukonbo" to hang on.

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