"Kim Jong-Il" is a monopoly open to the beginning of "Introduction to manga Kim Angk-gwen" who knows who he is

"Kim Jong-il, the son of Kim Jong Il who officially appeared as the successor of Kim Jong Il at the representative meeting of the Korean Workers' Party on September 28, 2010. This mysterious young successor and three generations Commentary on the reality of the hereditary dictatorship posture in comics ", this"Introduction to Manga Kim Young"is. We will exclusively release its opening part at GIGAZINE.

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The content is like the following.

First of all, Kim Jong-en was appointed vice chairman of the Central Military Committee of the party, the process of idolizing until the appearance of the figure to the world and how to accept the people, behind it falling out of the successor race Mr. Kim Jung-nam and Kim Jong-che mentioned. Next, I will explain about cyber terrorism, patrol boat sinking case, Yeonpyeong Island bombardment case, explanation about nuclear test, which is said to have been commanded by Kim Jong-Ion, failure of money reform, lack of people's loneliness and powerful people's living, smuggling foreign currency The unstable domestic affairs such as acquisition and the dictatorship maintained by purging are drawn. In addition, the conflict with Mr. Hwang Jang-yop of former North Korean defectors who exiled, as well as over 20,000 North Korean refugees, the reality that information leakage is not stopped, Kim Jong Il's third generation criticism criticism, From the relationship with China to defend, we carefully comment on the actual state of the dictatorship of North Korea that is collapsing. People's resistance to the tyranny of the Kim family is no longer inevitable, a problematic work out of the realities of fear politics full of deception and contradiction.

The table of contents is as follows.

● Introduction
● Chapter 1 Kim Jong Il vs. Kim Masao
● Chapter 2 The process to succeed Kim Jong Il
● Chapter 3 Kim Jong-In's insanity provocation
● Chapter IV Kim Jong-In's incompetent internal affairs
● Chapter 5 Fluctuating Kim Ron Genki
● Conclusion

And the beginning part of this volume is like this.

In the movie, the part ahead is published.

Kim Jong Il Introduction to North Korea Young Dictator's Face - YouTube

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