Ribulose steak set for limited quantity at 999 yen, Gast's Thanks Fair 4th taste review review

Gust's "Thanks!" Fair started on October 20thHamburger soup set 390 yen,Gratin, Doria · Spaghetti 390 yen,Kids Plate 5 types 39 yenAlthough attention has gathered because Gasuto's classic menu can be eaten much cheaper than in normal times, what a new product has been put in the end.

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Arrived at Gast Tsukuda branch along National Route 2.

This is the fourth "Premium Riblose Steak Set" starting from December 8th. The offer time is also limited from 11 o'clock to 21 o'clock.

It is 999 yen in a set, not a single steak.

180 grams of large steak with ribulose from beef from American / Canada.

It is soft and juicy, but it is an item that is satisfactory enough even with a single item.

This is "Gust sticking sauce". In addition to this special domestic sauce, you can choose garlic sauce, sauce sauce source, Teriyaki sauce.

Baked potato has dropped butter with a whole potato.

Corn with parsley and parsley.

In addition, coolslaw salad.


rice. It is a full set full of adult men.

As it was a solid steak, a well-cut knife was available.

It is not thick, but it does not disappear even if you cut it.

I will have plenty of sauces.

I can not stop my hands when I start eating. Because there is a taste of the meat, you can deliciously salty salt without peppering sauce.

The fair so far was limited for a limited time, but the point this time is limited quantity. The price is not 390 yen but it is set a little high, but just enough steak set comes out. If it is offered at this price from ordinary level it was a level to order without hesitation.

By the way, because the premium ribulose Japanese style steak set is also served at 1050 yen, please do not miss it if you are a steak lover, someone who wants to eat something a bit better.

The fair will end with this fourth bullet, but after only attracting attention in this way, the next gust will come out and the new product will be the item that won the game. I am looking forward to it.

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