"Lubricheck" that you can easily check when to replace the oil in your car

It is said that engine oil runs from 3000 miles (about 5000 km) to 5000 miles (about 8000 km), but it is said that it is time to replace it, but although technological advancements have made remarkable progress in the past 50 years, there are things that oil remains the same as before Is it? Three men who have doubts about this, developed a kit that you can easily check yourself when the time to replace oil really is.


Everyone can do just to check the state of the oil, but it is a nice place for this kit to see at a glance whether or not it is time to replace. The state of development and the actual machine can be confirmed in the following movie.

Lubricheck 4.mpg - YouTube

This is 3 developers

Various design proposals

State of development process


This is lubricheck

I will use it by pulling out from the case

Drop oil in the center dish part

Then press the measurement button OK

The measurement results are summarized in this way.

If you go to the gas station, you can recommend oil change often, but if you grasp the state with this kit you can resolutely declare "fine".

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