Open source flashlight that can be charged and programmed via USB connection "Hexbright"

Although it does not understand the meaning even if it is said to be "open source flashlight", it is an item that USB charging and programming are possible. In addition to having high performance as an ordinary flashlight with a considerable brightness of 500 lumens, we can expand the performance by programming, and it is important that the target amount of $ 31,000 (about 2.4 million yen) in the investment recruitment site Kickstarter About 260,000 dollars (about 20 million yen) are gathered as against money.


HexBright, an Open Source Light by Christian Carlberg - Kickstarter

The shape looks like this.

There are two kinds, Prime and Flex. Prime is slightly reduced in function, brightness is 350 lumens, because it uses two lithium batteries, it can not charge with USB, and programming is also impossible. On the other hand, Flex can charge and program via USB at 500 lumens.

The introduction video of Flex is here.

Hexbright FLEX - programmable light on Kickstarter - YouTube

Pull out the part behind the main unit and the insertion port of Micro - USB will appear.

You can charge it by inserting a cable here and program it.

Batteries use lithium ion rechargeable batteries. Even if it gets degraded, replacement is possible.

And here is Introduction picture of Prime.

The color is 4 colors. Although it is a value of 350 lumens which is lower than Flex, in general this is also a considerably high brightness light.

The main body is ergonomics design, using aluminum level used for aircraft.

The light uses CREE XML LED light with high output.

Two lithium batteries at the rear of the main unit support high brightness.

The latest situation of development is here. It seems that we are steadily progressing towards production.

HB Flex Update 5 - YouTube

Regarding programming, it does not do anything by default, it seems to be an idea that each one should devise in each. Depending on the way you do it, you can synchronize multiple lights, change color, and enjoy it.

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