Truly decided to make transparent glass multi-touch keyboard & mouse

It seems like a common concept model, but making it with serious is the biggest difference with the past. Of course it is also available from Japan.

Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse by Jason Giddings - Kickstarter


And mouse

Since there is no unnecessary roughness, garbage, dust and hair enters the gaps of the keyboard, it does not become a nest of ticks etc. It is very clean

It is made of tempered glass and strong metal and consists of a simple existing combination of technologies, with zero moving parts, built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery, and fully wireless operation.

Moreover, the driver part which controls this multi-touch keyboard & mouse is planned to be offered as open source software, aiming to bring out the potential to the maximum by this, so that this keyboard and mouse can be used for all uses such as CAD and music creation It is supposed to be, it is.

The multi-touch technology is FTIR (technology to detect interference of total reflection,Frustrated Total Internal Reflection)using.

In short, the LED that emits infrared rays is hidden in the hole of the part fixed to the metal at the edge of the glass, and the infrared ray is totally reflected inside the glass and it bounces. When the finger touches the glass, the refractive index changes and it becomes impossible to totally reflect. As the camera detects the part where this total reflection is obstructed, it will detect by software.

Also, the name of this product has not been decided yet, you can also get the right to apply for a name by issuing $ 10 or $ 25, and whether the website is easy to leave impact or memory from the naming you applied, It is decided by comprehensively judging whether it can get as a name, artistic value or not. We are also looking for logo images and more.

Since open source software is provided, it is possible to operate not only on Windows, Mac, Linux but also on iOS, etc. Wireless connection is USB, and at the "F" and "J" positions the same protrusion as the normal keyboard Yes, the price you care about is $ 150 for multi-touch mouse, $ 250 for multi-touch keyboard, $ 350 for both sets, shipping fee is $ 20, shipping will be scheduled for April 2012.

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