Sony Ericsson develops a popular smartphone "Xperia" etc. as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony


Sony Ericsson familiar with NTT DoCoMo's domestic release in April last year, such as the Android smartphone "Xperia" series.

Originally the company was born on integration of mobile phone business of Sony which was unprofitable at that time on October 1, 2001 and Ericsson of communication equipment manufacturer Sweden. In addition to smart phones, we have also created "Walkman Phone" and "Cyber-shot mobile", but today Sony announced that Sony Ericsson will become a wholly owned subsidiary.

(PDF file)Sony fully acquires Ericsson holding shares of Sony Ericsson

According to Sony's press release, the company has agreed with Ericsson by making Sony Ericsson mobile phone company a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony.

As a result, Sony has acquired Ericsson's extensive cross-licensing and five important patents related to wireless mobile technology, and Ericsson said that EUR 1.50 billion (111.6 billion yen) was paid from Sony.

In the future, Sony will be able to incorporate smartphones more quickly into network-compatible products such as tablets, televisions, and personal computers, in order to improve user convenience and business growth, and in the field of Ericsson and wireless connectivity We will cooperate with you.

With the success of Apple 's "iPhone" and "iPad" that provide software, hardware platforms in vertical integration, manufacturers are seeking to build business models that not only sell hardware. Among them, Sony's strengths are that it has content such as games, music, movies, etc. in addition to the hardware development department of music players, digital cameras and personal computers.

By making Sony Ericsson a wholly-owned subsidiary, if the cooperation of each department becomes closer, we can expect that a more attractive model will be born than ever before.

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