Designer Kokeshi "COKESHI" jointly developed with Naruko artisan

Kokeshi traditional crafts in the Tohoku region, designer unitSUZUKIKE"Arranged in contemporary style"COKESHI".

This is not just a fashionable miscellaneous goods, it is a serious dish co-developed with Mr. Koichi Okazaki of Kokeshi craftsman who keeps tradition for many years in Miyagi prefecture · Naruko. Unlike traditional Kokeshi, which has an impressive eyes with cut eyes, the face is not drawn at all.


A simple series (3300 yen tax excluded) that makes use of grain as it is basic form. The two on the left are "wood 01" and the two on the right are "sumi". There are two types of heights: 19 cm and 14 cm.

"Fur" (5200 yen excluding tax) that puts fluffy fur on his head. It can be seen by a person wearing a fur cap on his head.

"Dry flower treated at the head part"Flower"(5700 yen by tax)

"Flower Vase" (4800 yen tax excluding tax) which built a glass tube for living a single vase. Sometimes you decorate a single vase and kokesu side by side, but when you dock these two you will see unexpected appearance like flowers growing from the head and blooming.

Color variation that reminds me of SOFTBANK's PANTONE mobile phone (2800 yen excluding tax). "Yellow", "Orange", "White", "Lime", "Pink", "Skyblue", "Purple", "Silver", "Gold" from the left.

Last is a series incorporating other parts. From the left, "kabuto" which the rivet got from, "oni" with torpedo, "fur white", "fur black", "lace white", "lace black". All prices are inquiries.

"COKESHI" because all models are completely to order,Form of official websiteIt will be in a form to subscribe from. The delivery method is "Takkyubin payment on delivery", which means that you can order from 1 piece.

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